St. Mary’s Center donates to Kosair Charities’ ‘Pedal Power’ program

Photo Special to The Record

Photo Special to The Record

St. Mary’s Center, which serves intellectually disabled adults and teens, donated $150 to Middletown Cycling to help purchase bicycles for at-risk teenagers. Middletown Cycling is partnering with Kosair Charities’ Pedal Power program which provides bicycles and helmets to teens served by programs funded by Kosair Charities.

The Pedal Power program also teaches teens navigational safety, bike maintenance and overall “ownership responsibility,” said a press release from Middletown Cycling.

The program encourages teens to stay active and “grow their independence by giving them the transportation they need to access different neighborhoods and resources” in the city, said the release.

St. Mary’s, 14207 Aiken Road, provides activities that foster vocational and academic skills as well as social and sporting events.

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