Advertising Policies for The Record Newspaper, Archdiocese of Louisville



The Record reserves the right to reject any advertising deemed by the publisher not to be in keeping with the teaching of the Church and/or the mission of the newspaper.

Advertising for books or other resources on theological topics must have ecclesial approval from the Roman Catholic Church.

All advertising must be positive in nature, and The Record will reject any ads that are libelous, false, or offensive. Advertising attacking persons, programs, or organizations are not accepted.

The Record also reserves the right to reject advertising because of customer complaints, false claims, or poor performance by the advertiser. A procedure is in place to address complaints received about advertisers.

The Record will not accept for advertising rejected letters to the editor.

Advertorials (advertisements with content designed to look like editorial content) must be prepared by the advertiser and must be clearly marked as an advertisement.



The Record only accepts advertising for worship services and related events of the Roman Catholic Church or those offered in cooperation with a Roman Catholic institution.

The Record only accepts advertising for educational (PreK-12) services sponsored and canonically recognized by the Roman Catholic Archbishop (canon 803), which includes an approval process directed by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

On a case-by-case basis, The Record will consider advertising from other denominations or interfaith organizations for programs and events that do not fall in the categories mentioned above.



Political advertising is any advertising that solicits a vote, directly or indirectly, in favor of a candidate for public office or a political party.

The Record does not accept political advertising from candidates for public office, political parties, lobbying organizations (501c4), or any entity that seek to implicitly or explicitly endorse, support, or oppose particular candidates for public office.

The Record has adopted this policy for the following reasons:

  • To avoid confusion for readers who may assume that a political ad implies endorsement of that candidate or political party by the newspaper or the Archdiocese of Louisville.
  • To focus on The Record’s mission of evangelization, information, and inspiration, which includes presenting the Church’s teaching on faithful citizenship and political responsibility, but which precludes endorsing or supporting particular candidates or political parties.