More than 80 catechists recognized

The Archdiocese of Louisville’s Office of Lifelong Formation and Education (OLFE) honored more than 80 catechists last month at the annual Catechetical Ministry Celebration. Awards and certificates were presented to people in a variety of categories, including:

-Roncalli Awards were presented to two catechists, Andy and Barbara Hall. The award, named for St. John XXIII (Cardinal Roncalli), recognizes “catechists who have been ignited by the spirit of Vatican II to spread the faith through catechesis,” according to the award description provided by the OLFE.
-Sixteen people who completed a specialization in discipleship were honored. This program focuses on “the spiritual and faith formation of the person while providing an intentional process for gift discernment and theological reflection to help develop ways to live out one’s faith,” the OLFE announcement said.

Those honored are: Julie Cannon, Janice Clan, Beatrice Cutler, Martha Eisenmenger, Carl Gallmeister, Charlotte Holloway, Pamela Karp, Robert Nicholas Korte, Alex Kuprion, Tracey Metzger, Lisa Park, Susan Smith, Susan Stout, Tim Tallent, Kathy Taylor and Denise Vales.

-Two youth ministers — Mary Groeschen and Mandy Kumler — were recognized for earning national certificates in youth ministry.
-Catechists who have completed 20 clock hours of formation classes were named associate catechists. They are: Margie Belcher, Katie Brewer, Victoria Bryan, Tricia Cortas, Ryan Ecken, Martha Eisenmenger, Ann Ernst, Anne Evertz, Joshua Huff, Mary Kaye Jacobs, Stanley Ketchen, Shannon Knabel, Angel Janelle Lim and Amy Mangione.
And Curt Meyers, Blanca Morales, Robin Murphey, Carey Ogburn, Paty Robles, Ludy Sales, Marcelino Sales, Roberto Sales Romines, Cathy Schmidt, Jenny Schulten, Laura Shircliff, Renelle Stallings, Susan Stout, Tim Tallent, Florinda Velasquez, Nastacia Villalobos, Donna Walker, Paula Watkins, Laura Wicke and Nicole Zoglmann.
-Catechists who have completed the associate level plus 120 hours were named advanced catechists. They are: Shirley Kaelin, Lisa Mattmiller and Bobbie Schadt.

-Catechists who have completed the advanced level plus 80 hours were named master catechists. They are: Diane Clements Black, Shirley Brinly, Mary Jo Brockie, Lisa Downs, Denise Chancellor, Jennifer Meirose, Tracey Metzger, Shannon Prichett, Kathaleen Stout Riggs, Laura Wolz, Jennifer Woolfolk and Sara Young.
-Six people received certificates in youth ministry: Ryan Ecken, Anne Evertz, Joshua Huff, Curt Meyers, Robin Murphey and Nastacia Villalobos.
-A dozen people completed the initiation team training — a four-part training program for members of parish RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) teams. They are Lindsay Bale, Paula Michelle Broyles, William Elpers, Charlotte Holloway, Patricia Jones, Hank Schnieders, Paula Silliman, Deborah Sims, Susan Stout, Therese Marie White, Bryant Wickliffe and Patrick Wimsatt.

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