Moms team up to help moms in need

By Ruby Thomas, Record Staff Writer
Three local mothers who advocate for an end to abortion have taken their work a step further. They’ve created a group to support women who choose life.

Ange Popovich, Danna Dandurand and Melissa Vander Woude started Louisville Moms Helping Moms a few months ago.

Popovich said she didn’t realize, until she started the group, how little support many pregnant women receive.
The women the group hears from range in age from 16 to mid-30’s, said Popovich.
“Some have no family support,” she said. “We take for granted the homes we live in, some of these moms have nothing.”

Popovich, a mother of eight and a member of St. Louis Bertrand Church, prays frequently in front of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center, where abortions are provided. She prays that the women walking into the clinic choose life.

“We looked at the pro-life movement and asked, ‘How can we help moms who’ve chosen life, but still have very little support?’ ” she said.

Popovich said she and the other women want to “walk through the pregnancy” with women facing a difficult situation.

“Their world is really rocked and they’re not sure how they’ll get through the pregnancy,” said Popovich. “We reassure them.”

Her group learns about women who need support through the Little Way Pregnancy Resource Center and by word of mouth.

The group helps women by preparing meals, buying groceries and household items. They also help with transportation to appointments and, above all, by providing emotional support, said Popovich. Sometimes, she said, they just pray with the women.

“Just having emotional support is huge, because they may have no family support,” she said. “They’re incredibly grateful. It humanizes them when they feel like someone cares.”

Popovich said individuals can help by donating time, meals or household items to Louisville Moms Helping Moms or by forming their own group.

“It’s a great step forward to put your words into action,” she added.

Popovich and Louisville Moms Helping Moms can be reached through their facebook page or via email at

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