Keeping the Faith — Help college students connect to their faith on campus

Michal Horace

When our high school students go off to college, we all worry that they can get away from the Catholic faith. One of the top reasons for this is that the student didn’t receive an invitation to join the faith-related activities on or near the college campus.

It can be overwhelming to walk onto a new campus with no friends. There are so many opportunities and decisions to make. Faith usually isn’t at the top of the list.

Studies show that when college students stay in touch with the Church, they are more likely after college to continue attending Mass, to take on leadership roles in the Church, and to consider religious vocations.

Newman Ministry is a national non-profit organization, a centralized referral system, and much more. It connects students with the Catholic campus ministry on or near their college (Catholic, public, or other), offering to unite them in prayer, and helping them to grow in their faith.

Studies show that only 15% of Catholic college freshman look for a campus ministry on their own, while 80% do not practice their faith during the college years. The Archdiocesan Office of Youth and Young Adults, as well as the St. Serra Club of Louisville, are partnering with the Newman High School Outreach program to change those statistics.

In one recent year, over 1,400 names were turned in to this Outreach.

Starting this effort with 71 students in 2014, thousands of our high school Catholic graduates have been submitted from our Archdiocese. But we can do even better.

Chuck Lynch

To make use of the Newman High School Outreach, it’s as simple as this: notify us of a college-bound student’s name and college (and the college’s city and state since a few colleges have similar names) and let us do the rest! If you have the student’s email address or phone number, that is helpful. Catholic leaders on or near the campus will locate the student. Also, this applies even to students going to Catholic colleges since oftentimes students don’t disclose their church affiliation on the college application.

For more information or to submit names, please contact either one of us – Michal Horace, Director of the Office of Youth and Young Adults, 502-636-0296, ext 1210, or Chuck Lynch, V.P. for Communications for the St. Serra Club of Louisville, 502-442-9302,

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