Epiphany Church to host Creation Care Fair

Epiphany Church’s environmental concerns committee will host a Creation Care Fair following the end of the Season of Creation, part of the Laudato Si’ movement.

The fair will include displays and activities demonstrating how people can help care for our common home, according to a news release from the church. Many of the activities will be interactive.

Mark Reilly, chair of Epiphany’s environmental concerns committee, said in the release, “We want people to be aware that as individuals there are lots they can do to help our planet. At our Creation Care Fair people will see practical ways to lower their carbon footprint by making lifestyle choices that are earth-friendly. The fair will showcase a variety of ideas, from transportation to food to how we power our homes and to the materials and goods we use every day. It will be a fun experience while learning how to care for our common home.”

Exhibits will highlight solar panels, solar-powered devices, alternatives to plastics, home composting demonstrations, an electric vehicle display, tree planting and more.

“A lot of the tips people will find here are not only good for the environment, they are good for wallets, too,” Reilly said. “People will see that reducing food waste cuts grocery bills, electric vehicles eliminate worries over rising gas prices and using solar power shrinks electric bills. You can save green by going green.”

The Creation Care Fair will be Oct. 8 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the church campus, 914 Old Harrods Creek Road.


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