Editorial – ‘Does God love the illegals?’

Marnie McAllister

A reader called The Record a couple of weeks ago to ask this question: “Does God love the illegals?”

By “illegals,” the caller was referring to our brothers and sisters who have crossed the southern border in search of life and hope. The term dehumanizes our brethren, making it easier to dismiss their suffering.

The answer is simple:
God, our creator, loves all people.

Last week, three others contacted The Record to register their displeasure with our coverage of immigration. Their complaints centered on the notion that by calling for humane treatment of immigrants, the church is siding with “pro-abortion Democrats.”

Given the ongoing incidents of domestic terror linked to hateful rhetoric, it’s obviously past time to clear the air.

The Catholic Church consistently calls for all people — born and unborn; black, brown, white; gay or straight; Republican and Democrat; Catholic or not; even criminals — to be treated with dignity.

Because life is sacred.

Life at all its stages is sacred.

There is no political party in the United States that seems to understand this. But Catholics should.

To ignore the suffering of immigrants because some of their advocates fail to respect life in the womb runs contrary to logic and our faith.

To minimize or politicize one life is to denigrate all life.

To subjugate the lives of an entire group — born or unborn — to the views of a political party is a sin.

Last Sunday’s readings reminded the faithful what’s most important in the life of a Christian. Not what we store up for our preservation or our egos.

To love one another is our directive. All else flows from this command that rises above all others.

When we let politics limit who we love, we lose sight of God and our purpose on this earth.

And for what? A better economic forecast? A greater sense of security?

Sunday’s Gospel reading from Luke asks us to consider:

“But God said to him,‘You fool, this night your life will be demanded of you; and the things you have prepared, to whom will they belong?’
Thus will it be for all who store up treasure for themselves but are not rich in what matters to God.”



  • Charles George says:

    What a wonderful and much needed message. Every priest should be saying this from the pulpit. For way too long, too many Catholics have allowed themselves to be held hostage to the GOP agenda because of the abortion issue.
    Thank you for expressing this position

  • Sally Gamble says:

    I’ve article, Marnie!!

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