Catholic school students win ‘Horsing Around With Art’ contest

Catholic school students were among winners in the Kentucky Derby Museum’s 35th annual “Horsing Around with Art” contest.

Ceci Mudd, a fourth-grader at St. Francis of Assisi School won the “Winston Memorial Award.”

Caroline Keeney, a second-grader at St. Francis of Assisi, and Emma Hayes, a sixth-grader at St. Gabriel School, won the “Millinery Fashion Award.”

Madeline Walters, a sixth-grader at St. Gabriel, was named the winner of the Sculpture Award.

In the middle school division, Clara Frye, an eighth-grader at St. Agnes School, won first place. Megan Sapp, a seventh-grader at St. Gabriel, placed third.

The winning schools’ art departments will receive a combined $1,300 in prize money.

The competition is open to students in first through 12th grades. The entries are on exhibit in the Kentucky Derby Museum’s Carl F. Pollard Gallery through March 14 and online at

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