Catechists celebrated at catechetical ministry awards


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More than 100 individuals were honored at the annual Catechetical Ministry Celebration Sept. 26 at the Flaget Center, 1935 Lewiston Drive.

At the awards dinner, Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz praised the honored catechists calling them “agents of the new evangelization.”

“Through the work you do you allow people to embrace the three qualities that our Holy Father said will be necessary for lay adults today,” the archbishop said. Those qualities include “that they become engaged in their faith; they become fully informed about the teachings of their faith; and they become articulate in being able to share that faith with others.”

“You are catechists of the new evangelization. Thank you for responding yes to Christ,” he said.

The archbishop noted that the church needs solid catechesis.

“But it is a catechesis that is not so much imparting the information into the head of someone … but the touching of the heart and character of someone,” he said.

The archbishop recounted the story of Paul and Barnabas going from city to city proclaiming the word of God.

“Thank you for saying yes,” he said. “You are in good company with Paul and Barnabas who in the 14th chapter of Acts of the Apostles talked about the way the Lord opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, and it is the Lord who does the work.”

The following individuals and schools were recognized for their work in catechetical ministry.

  • Carolyn Denning (Good Shepherd Church, Louisville), Vicki Johnston (St. Peter the Apostle Church and St. Andrew Academy) and Karen White (St. Xavier High School) received the Roncalli Award, presented to catechists who demonstrate the spirit of Vatican II.
  • Cindy Davis (St. Bernadette Church) was recognized for 25 years as a volunteer catechist.
  • DeSales High School and Sacred Heart Academy were presented the Father Thomas Duerr Award. This award is presented to a parish or school where 100 percent of its catechists have completed the associate level of the concentration in catechetical ministry.
  • Bernadette Hagan received special recognition for her 30 years of service in the Archdiocese of Louisville.
  • Sixteen individuals were recognized with a certificate for concentration in catechetical leadership. They are: Bill Ash, Therese Carroll-Caruso, Darlene Fowler, Ursuline Sister Mary Jo Gramig, Margaret Joseph, Amy Kramer, Glory Kramer, Emmett Luescher, Tara Mattingly, Lynn McDaniel, Marilyn McNeill, Mary Anne Powers, Kathaleen Stout Riggs, Kathleen Louise Shannon, Judy Stinson and Bob Sugrue
  • Seventeen catechists were recognized for their efforts in “initiation team” training. They are: Fred Avis, Insub Beckley, Rhonda Beckley, Mary Ellen Bianco, Grover Bolton, Bill Cochran, Susan Cole, Ken Cundiff, William Daisey, Martha Grimes, David Hernandez, Lynn Hernandez, Chris Mullins, Louis Peters, Jami Sandusky and Kathleen Louise Shannon
  • Twenty-eight people were recognized with an associate level certificate in catechetical ministry. They are: Aurora Arellano, Maria Beltran, Ann Brussell, Nicole Burnette, Janice Clan, Ashley Davenport, Dorothy DeYoung, Erin Hagan Fahringer, Trish Feltner, Olga Garcia, Kathryn Garrett, Jesus Betzabe Matias Gibbons, Mary Ann Hale, Terri Harpool, Kristen Kischnick, Ana Lane, Gladys Martinez, Jennifer Meirose, Karen Meredith, Chrissy Miles, Tere Noveron, Juanita Richardson, Benedictine Sister Doris Schepers, Meredith Scherr, Kari Sims, Kate Stockton, Sara Young and Alex Zaboranak
  • Eighteen people were recognized with an advanced level certificate in catechetical ministry. They are: Mary Jo Borho, Mary Arlayne Burks, Mary Margaret Cecil, Dennis Comella Jr., Mary Jo Ellis, Mandy Kumler, Donna Laemmle, Marilyn McNeill, Carol Meirose, Terry Rogan, Maureen Rogg, Rebecca Romero, Judy Stinson, Nancy Turner, Diane Nave Walsh, Laura Walsh, Lynn Wilt and Elaine Wnorowski
  • Sixteen people were recognized with a master level certificate in catechetical ministry. They are: Susan Argabright, Pamela Boone, Mary Jo Borho, Elsie Boyd, Mary Margaret Cecil, Dennis Comella Jr., Michelle Cornwell, Suzanne Fogle Fulk, Mandy Kumler, Candice Nieves, Bernadette Porter, Terry Rogan, Maureen Rogg, Judy Stinson, Nancy Turner and Kristina Vogt.
  • Ten individuals were recognized with a certificate for concentration in youth ministry. They are: Janice Clan, Deacon Andy Heinsohn, Joan Heinsohn, Joan Huber, Pat Kessinger, Kim Lincoln, Chrissy Miles, Michelle Osbourne, Kristina Vogt and Benedictine Sister Sarah Yungwirth
  • Judy Stinson was honored with a certificate in religious education from the Loyola University Institute for Ministry.
  • Karl Dolson, Sarah Fellows and Denise Puckett were honored with a master of pastoral studies from the Loyola University Institute for Ministry.
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