Assumption Graduation Essays 2023

Assumption: Faith, compassion, integrity and excellence

Stella Ferree

Four years ago, I put on the timeless Assumption plaid for the first time and set off on a brave new adventure, fighting to contain alternating senses of enthusiasm and anxiety, sometimes both at the same time. 

In the days that followed, I have been extremely fortunate to have lived the Assumption experience and seen the value and change it has made in my life. My experience has strengthened me as a woman to take on life and to become the best version of myself. These past four years, Assumption has guided me in faith, inspired compassion, taught me the importance of integrity, and empowered my own excellence.

Faith is incorporated in everything we do at Assumption. While every student takes theology courses to learn about our faith, students also have the opportunity to attend a retreat designed for their grade and where they are in life. Retreats are one of my favorite things Assumption offers. It is a chance to take a breath and focus solely on your faith, removing distractions of the outside world. At Assumption, we are taught to rely on our faith and to have trust in God to guide us through difficult as well as joyful times. I feel confident that when I walk out of this building in a few short days, I am prepared to take on life with my faith that has grounded me.

I am inspired by compassion every day. Being the senior class president, I have become a servant leader for my class as well as the Assumption community. To be a servant leader you need compassion, which means caring about those around you and having their best interests at heart. Faculty and staff serve as our models of compassion and show us how to live this pillar to the best extent. They are supportive, encouraging, and care about each student for who they are and their specific needs. Their example trickles down to the students. From the basic smile in the hallway to helping someone in class, compassion is lived every day at Assumption.

The value of a life lived with honesty and strong moral principles is a lesson ingrained in us starting freshman year. Integrity is an expectation, and there is no room for compromise. It is a standard we set for ourselves and one that we uphold for our friends and classmates. A common saying in our hallways and on our fields, is “Take care of yourself, of one another, and of this place.” This lesson can apply to almost any setting and is a great reminder of the importance of personal and organizational accountability and integrity.

Excellence is encouraged in and out of the classroom. Our teachers push our limits to grow in our knowledge. We are challenged in class daily to better prepare us for the future. Supportive teachers and friends allow us to become more confident in ourselves and most importantly, have courage in our ability to take risks and pursue excellence. 

Chasing this standard of “only our best” results in the inspiring personal and academic achievements you see regularly at our school.  But it also instills a sense of empowerment in each one of us that will surely prepare us for life’s many challenges.

We are now and always will be a part of a very special group of alumnae, and I am forever grateful to have grown into the best version of myself at Assumption, a person of faith, compassion, integrity, and excellence.

Sharing in the Assumption magic

Ava Fears

Initially, I couldn’t explain to my parents why I wanted to attend Assumption High School. It was simply the feeling I got. I later learned to call it “the Assumption magic.”

You can feel it in the classroom, throughout the halls, in the boisterous student section, and from the faculty and staff. You can even taste it in the iconic Flik cookies. 

At 2170 Tyler Lane, everyone truly cares for one another. Whether you’re the top volleyball recruit in the state or the girl struggling in the back of the classroom, you’re valued and loved. That’s the “magic.”

In the classroom, everyone is invested in your success. Even as I doubted my ability to learn antiderivatives in AP calculus, my classmates and teachers never gave up on me. Teachers are more than willing to meet before or after school to go over material. It’s evident that an Assumption student feels confident and supported while receiving a great education.

Throughout the halls, the “magic” flourishes. During the 10 minutes in between classes, you won’t find an Assumption student rushing to her next class only to immediately sit down, open her tablet, and sit quietly until the bell rings. Instead, you will find her catching up with friends, hugging a classmate she hasn’t seen in a while, or asking a teacher how his or her weekend was until class starts. 

Assumption halls are never quiet. Rather, they are filled with the love, compassion, laughter, and kindness of their occupants.

In the student section, also known as “The Rocket Launch Pad,” this “magic” is energetically brought to life. It’s seen in the way Assumption lost the biggest game of the year, and the students were still cheering — cheering for the pride they have in their school and cheering for their best friends and all their hard work out on the field. 

At Assumption, you will find students supporting one another, whether it be attending a phenomenal Rose Theatre production or 200 students driving an hour and a half to root for their school at the state volleyball tournament.

This “magic” is also shared by the faculty and staff. Teachers at Assumption love their students, and Assumption students love their teachers. At Assumption, you’ll find students who leave their study hall to go talk with a guidance counselor or faculty member in the main office. You’ll see students conversing with the Flik workers while waiting in the lunch line. You’ll even find an entire lunch period singing “Happy Birthday” to their principal. 

Assumption is a community. It’s a home to many. And most importantly: It’s a family.

Entering the Assumption doors as a mild and timid 14-year-old lacking confidence, I would never have believed if someone told me that in four short years, I would become a National Merit Commended Scholar, the president of the National Honor Society, the president of the student section, and a swim team captain. 

It’s through experiencing “the Assumption magic” that each student writes her own story at 2170 Tyler Lane.

Beautiful moments at Assumption

Abbey Holland 

Six hundred eighty is the number of times I’ve walked into 2170 Tyler Lane to start a school day. All 680 times I have been greeted with love from classmates, support from my teachers, and kindness from my administrators. 

These are the same feelings I first felt as I nervously shadowed four short years ago. Assumption never fails to make each girl who walks through our doors feel those feelings.

During my time at Assumption, I got involved in various clubs, sports, and organizations. Student government has been one of my favorites. Each year, student government representatives pick the theme for the upcoming school year. Every year there are appropriate themes that fit what we as a community want to embody. This year’s theme was “Collecting Beautiful Moments.” Being a senior, I tried to do this every day as I knew my time was limited. As I begin to reflect on my time at Assumption, I realize I have collected countless of these moments.

There were small, beautiful moments of being welcomed into school every day and the wave and smile that so many offer in the hallway. There were the conversations with the staff in the lunch line, the emails of encouragement from our administrators, or the “good job” from a teammate at a hard practice.

Each are small things that may go unnoticed in day-to-day life, but these moments have taught me to slow down because kindness is a moment that is worth noticing.

There were big, beautiful moments like the first day of high school at the beginning of my journey. There were moments of doing well in a big cross-country race or on an important test my class worked so hard on. There was the feeling of winning state championships in the middle of a completely pink student section, listening to students’ pride in singing our fight song after an accomplishment, or seeing thousands of donations for a food drive. Winning student government elections, receiving junior rings, and picking up senior sweatshirts are all big, beautiful moments that stand out. 

All of these are beautiful moments that I will treasure forever. These moments taught me a sense of community, compassion in helping others, integrity in competition, and excellence in all I do. 

There were also moments that had hidden beauty: moments of failure, of discomfort, of struggle. 

I failed assignments, but my teachers helped me see my mistakes and supported me back to success. I struggled through practices and faced injuries, but my teammates filled me with encouraging words until I could overcome my challenges. I got nervous before speeches, open house presentations, and various leadership opportunities, but the support of my Assumption community gave me confidence. 

My growth in confidence and mental toughness will take me far beyond the walls of Assumption and into the world. Even the scary moments had a glimmer of beauty.

High school flew by just like so many said it would. It is easy to let those 680 days slip away, but Assumption High School makes it hard when it is one big “beautiful moment.” I will cherish all the beauty and hardships of these moments and carry them with me in my next journey. 

Assumption High School holds moments that I hope for every girl to experience.

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