Year of Consecrated Life: Sister Elaine DesRosiers


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One reply on “Year of Consecrated Life: Sister Elaine DesRosiers”
  1. says: Frank A.

    I see such evil and barbarism in the world that is so pervasive and overwhelming that one can almost believe that the human species, like all species, will inevitably become extinct, but, the big difference being that our extinction not because of natural causes, but because of the pervasive evil that seems to be our innate in our nature. And worse, our demise will happen sooner than our natural time…sooner rather than later given that barbarism.

    Then I see the genuine goodness and love that does shine thru like a light in that vast darkness of hate — the light that shines from the soul of a person like Sr. Elaine and the many like her who have more love for humanity than those who have hate. My pessimism easily melts away and I could actually hope for a better humanity. I could almost believe that this kind of selfless goodness will eventually over-come the hatred. What a joy that there are Sr. Elaines.

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