Women, men religious honored at Mass

World Day for Consecrated Life was celebrated Feb. 2 with a liturgy at St. Gregory Church in Samuels, Ky. During the Mass, those marking jubilees in religious life, including Sister of Charity of Nazareth Molly Thompson, center, were recognized.  (Record Photos by Jessica Able)

SAMUELS, Ky. — Women and men religious who feel called to religious life respond out of love of God and the love of serving others, said Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz at a Mass Feb. 2 celebrating World  Day for Consecrated Life.

The call resides “deep within their hearts,” he said.

About 60 women and men from 11 congregations gathered with parishioners at St. Gregory Church in Samuels, Ky., to renew their vows and pray for one another.

The Mass coincided with the feast day of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple. Archbishop Kurtz recalled the day’s readings from the Book of Malachi, who “called for the purification of ourselves with God’s grace,” the archbishop noted.

Relating the theme of purification to religious life, he said the sacred call to serve God and others can be tainted by “careerism” or the desire “to have people brag about them.”

“I need to ask all of us, including those of you who are women and men religious, to pray for one another now, that our intentions will be pure,” he said.

The day’s gathering was an opportunity, he said, to “rekindle those first intentions, that first desire to follow God and his call and to serve others.”

“And to do so with one another, not that we can get ahead of others but rather that we may be in communion with one another in service to God,” he said.

During a Mass celebrating  World Day for Consecrated Life in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican Feb. 1, Pope Francis urged women and men religious to be people of hope, and he asked all Catholics to pray for the hundreds of thousands of women and men who continue to consecrate their lives totally to serving God and their brothers and sisters.

“You fell in love with Jesus, you saw everything in him, and enraptured by his gaze, you left the rest behind. Religious life is this vision,” he said.

When one is totally in love with the Lord, then poverty, chastity and obedience are not sacrifices, but vehicles of freedom, Pope Francis said.

Among those who attended the St. Gregory celebration were men and women marking major anniversaries of religious life. 

Ursuline Sisters of Louisville renewed their vows during a Mass Feb. 2 at St. Gregory Church in Samuels, Ky., celebrating World Day for Consecrated Life.

Men and women religious in the Archdiocese of Louisville were invited to attend the Feb. 2 World Day for Consecrated Life Mass. Jubilarians were also recognized at the liturgy. Following is a list of those who responded to the invitation of the Archdiocese of Louisville.

75 years

Sister Miriam Elizabeth Brown, SCN

Sister Miriam Cocoran, SCN

Sister Marietta Goy, SL

Sister Dolores Greenwell, SCN

Sister Dolores Kelledy, SL

Sister Jean Kelley, SL

Sister Isabel Lehmenkuler, OSU

Sister Irene Marie du Sacre Coeur, LSP

Sister Annunciata Muth, OSU

70 years

Sister Ann Berrett, SL

Father Peter Berendt, CP

Sister Elaine Burke, OSUMSJ

Sister Martha Buser, OSU

Sister Marie Carol Cecil, OSUMSJ

Sister Veronica Colahan, OP

Sister Elaine DesRoisers, OP

Sister Paschal Maria Fernicola, SCN

Sister Mary Brigid Gregory, OP

Sister Rita Hommrich, SCN

Sister Delores Kincaide, SL

Sister Colette Kraemer, OSU

Sister Frances Krumpelman, SCN

Sister Anne Magruder, SCN

Sister Amanda Rose Mahoney, OSUMSJ

Sister Alfreda Malone, OSUMSJ

Sister Mary Angela Matthews, OSUMSJ

Sister Mary Elizabeth Middendor, SCN

Sister Corina Padilla, OP

Sister Vivan Mary Sabelhaus, SCN

Sister Ceciliana Skees, SL

Sister Betty Vannucci, SCN

Sister Mary Denis West, OSU

Sister Dorothy Wilson, SCN

60 years

Sister Mary Kay Brannon, SL

Sister Juanita Carrigan, OP

Sister Mary Christoffel, OP

Sister Maggie Cooper, SCN

Sister Sara Delaney, OSU

Sister Rita Dressman, OSU

Sister Julie Driscoll, SCN

Sister Barbara Ann Fava, OP

Brother Conrad Fleishmann, OCSO

Sister Mary Susann Gobber, SCN

Sister Betty Ann Hesse, OP

Sister Patricia Huitt, SCN

Sister Marilyn King, RSM

Sister Theressa Knabel, SCN

Brother Simeon Malone, OCSO

Sister Betty MacDougall, SCN

Sister Pearl McGivney, SL

Sister Doris Lee Mingus, OP

Sister Kathleen Neely, OSU

Brother Paul Quenon, OCSO

Sister Nancy Reynolds, SP

Sister Elaine Shaw-Cote, OP

Sister Sue Scharfenberger, OSU

Sister Louise Smith, SCN

Sister Molly Thompson, SCN

50 years

Sister Luke Boiarski, SCN

Sister Rhoda Kay Glunk SCN

Sister Teresa Kotturan, SCN

Sister Diane Pharo, SCN

25 years

Brother Gaetan Blanchette, OSCO

Sister Michelle Grgurich, SCN

Father George Illikkal, CMI

Father Justin Nelson, CP

Father Seejo Antony Thandiackal, CMI

Brother Kurt Wernert, CP

Little Sisters of the Poor, above, sang the opening song at a Mass Feb. 2 at St. Gregory Church in Samuels, Ky., celebrating World Day for Consecrated Life. 
Sister of Mercy Mary Corinne Burt, left, greeted Father Kien Nguyen, pastor of St. Gregory, prior to the Mass.
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