St. Catharine College’s regional effect examined

SPRINGFIELD, Ky. — A program to discuss the “Regional Economic Impact of St. Catharine College” will be held at 1:30 p.m. March 16 in the Pettus Auditorium on the campus of the college near this Washington County town.

Dr. Tom Lambert, assistant professor of public administration at St. Catharine, is the author of a study called “The Economic Impact of St. Catharine College on its Local Economies: 2006-2011.” He will guide the program through an exploration of the college’s impact on Washington, Marion and Nelson counties.

Lambert’s studies have indicated that in the past five years, the operating budget of St. Catharine College has had a $78 million impact on the region. He also found that the school’s capital budget has had a $47 million regional impact during the past five years, and that its economic activity supports an average of 142 jobs in the region in addition to 125 jobs at the college.
In addition to Lambert, St. Catharine President William Huston and the school’s Executive Vice President Roger Marcum will be joined by other members of the faculty to discuss the impact of the college’s next wave of growth.

The Pettus Auditorium is located on the first floor of the Richard S. Hamilton Health & Science Building.

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