Series of webinars will be offered
on ‘Vatican II Impact on the
Priesthood Then and Now’

A series of webinars on “Vatican II Impact on the Priesthood Then and Now” will be streamed on consecutive Wednesdays starting at 1 p.m. Oct. 6 through Oct. 27 on the Association of United States Catholic Priest’s (AUSCP) website.

In the videos, members of the clergy — including Father Benedict Brown, Father Joseph Merkt, Father Joseph Graffis, Father Nicholas Rice and Deacon Robert Markert — discuss their experiences serving in the Archdiocese of Louisville after Vatican II.

The series is based on a volume of reflections called “Vatican II Clergy Memoirs” penned by 13 priests and deacons. It was produced by Father Bob Bonnot of the AUSCP.

To view the series, visit and register at least two hours before the scheduled start time.

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