Seminarian Q&A — Dustin Hungerford

Seminarians for the Archdiocese of Louisville have answered several questions posed by the Vocation Office to help parishioners get to know them. Let’s hear from Dustin Hungerford.

What do you like most
about being a seminarian?

I love the opportunity to grow deeper in my faith, in my prayer life, in my academic life, and in myself. I especially enjoy the opportunity to share in the lives of other people, both those I minister to and my brother seminarians.

What would you say to a young man trying to figure out his calling in life?

If you think you are called to priesthood, you just need to give it a shot. Especially if you are young. Come, see, look, feel, experience, work. Discernment to apply is all well and good, but the seminary is the place for real testing of a vocation. Be prayerful, share your desires with friends and family, and if you think you might be called, go for it!

Is there any person or saint whom you credit with interceding on your behalf to God for your vocational discernment?

I suppose I would have to credit Pope John Paul II. He was an especially important figure to me as I grew up and my grandmother prays to him for me and my vocation ceaselessly. It is certainly a work of his that I am where I am. In my personal prayer life, I would credit the Blessed Virgin for calling me to be in a deeper relationship with her son.

Are there specific life changes that you have had to make to be successful at seminary formation?

Yes! You have to be open to being formed. It can be difficult, especially if you have a stubborn personality like me. But part of the life is surrendering to the Divine Will, opening your hands and saying to the Lord, give me what you will, do with me as you will. I am yours! This manifests itself in many ways, big and small. From where you are assigned over the summer to what house job you are responsible for in the seminary. Each is a moment at which we are invited to trust.

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