Relics at St. Martin of Tours reinterred

The skeletal remains of Saints Magnus and Bonosa were reinterred at a Mass at St. Martin of Tours Church Sept. 9.

The bones of Saints Magnus and Bonosa were reinterred at a Solemn High Mass in the extraordinary form Sunday, Sept. 9, at St. Martin of Tours Church, 639 S. Shelby Street.

The saints, who have flanked the sanctuary of St. Martin since the early 20th century, were removed from their glass cases earlier this year to be examined by a University of Louisville forensic anthropologist.

Click here and here to read stories about the investigations of the skeletal remains.

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2 replies on “Relics at St. Martin of Tours reinterred”
  1. Thank you blessed Saint for healing, cleansing, deliverance, interceding for my son’s (Erich H.) family tree (parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents), nieces/nephews/godchild’s genograms. Karin S.

  2. says: rocketray04

    Some twenty-five years ago, then being a member of St. Martins parish, and spending many an hour in Adoration in the 3:00 am through 5:00 am on Saturday mornings, before Adoration was moved to a side chapel, I contemplated many times on who these saints were. Just recently they had come to my mind to look upon their history. I wonder if an injustice to them is being done by not returning them to their homeland for burial or interment. I am sure we had given them refuge when they needed protection from a political nature, but how will their spirits feel about their remains being away from their ancestral home.
    I hate to think of them as a tourist attraction, given the fact (as the story goes), they had died for their faith. Their courage was not compromised by fear to the extreme. Their faith and courage was the greatest gift of love to the Greater Reality.
    In some way, I want them to remain, but in another way, I want to give them due respect.
    St. Martins de Tours is a beautiful church, and has a deep meaning to me, and if I lived in Louisville, I would be back there again. The building is not the church, and is very old and I am sure will become more fragile as time erodes onward, but the church is much more than a building housing beautiful artwork. It is a place of worship and devotion, a place to contemplate and meditate, a place for a soul to seek “guideness” through “Godness” I appreciate the lives of St. Magnus, and St. Bonosa for what they had given in their life story..

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