The Record’s commentary pages have new look, content

By Marnie McAllister, Record Editor

Faithful readers of The Record will notice some changes on the editorial page and commentary pages, which are pages four and five each week. We have made some adjustments that will provide more space in the paper, overall, for news.

The most significant change on page four, other than some typographical updates, is a greater variety of national columns. In place of the Light One Candle column, provided faithfully by The Christophers, we will publish more columns from Catholic News Service writers, including John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America who writes the column “Intellect and Virtue,” and Father John Catoir, the former president of The Christophers who writes “Spirituality for Today.”

Father J. Ronald Knott has committed to writing his column, “An Encouraging Word,” for another year. His column will continue to appear in the lower right hand corner of the page.

“Question Corner,” by Father Kenneth Doyle, will continue to be published, but has moved to the space directly above Father Knott’s column.

This page will continue to evolve, but its aim, to provide informed Catholic commentary, remains unchanged.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz’s column, “Hope in the Lord,” which generally appears every other week, has a new design, too. The Record’s designer, Jennifer Jenkins, has created a new image to illustrate this column. It includes the archbishop’s coat of arms along with architectural details from the Cathedral of the Assumption.

We hope these changes are pleasing to the eye, the intellect and the spirit.

Marnie McAllister
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Marnie McAllister
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