Mass for Consecrated Life 2-9-12

Special Mass celebrates religious life


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The Archdiocese of Louisville celebrated the World Day for Consecrated Life Feb. 5 at a special Mass held at Holy Trinity Church, 501 Cherrywood Road.

Fifty-five women and men religious — celebrating jubilees of 25, 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 years of religious life — were recognized at the 2 p.m. liturgy.

Among those recognized were Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Sisters of Loretto, Dominican Sisters of Peace, Xaverian Brothers, Sisters of Mercy, Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and Medical Mission Sisters.

Sister of Loretto Pauline Albin carried the wine during the offertory procession at the World Day for Consecrated Life celebration held Feb. 5 at Holy Trinity Church. Fifty-five women and men religious were recognized for 25, 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 years of religious life.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz thanked the jubilarians for their service to both the church and to society, noting that “day by day, you devote yourselves to the good of the human family.”

During his homily, Archbishop Kurtz told the story of a young boy named Bradley. Bradley left his mother a note that was a line item bill totaling $8 for mowing the grass, making  his bed and other similar chores. Later that day, the archbishop said, Bradley received the requested $8 along with a note from his mother that said:

“Caring for Bradley for nine years — no charge. Food and drink for nine years — no charge. Loving Bradley whether he was a good boy or a not so good a boy — no charge. Paid in full, out of love — Mom.”

The archbishop related the story of Bradley to that of religious life by saying:

“In a sense religious vocations … and vows are very similar to the experience that little 9-year-old went through,” he said, “because you are willing to share your life with no charge.”
Archbishop Kurtz expressed gratefulness to all the women and men religious who have lived lives of service to both the global church and to the local Archdiocese of Louisville community.

“As we pray to increase religious vocations, we pray in gratitude for all those willing to roll up their sleeves and be involved in the life of the church and to be involved in the good of society,” he said.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz greeted Xaverian Brother James Smith after Mass at Holy Trinity Church on Feb. 5. Brother Walsh celebrated 70 years of religious life.

Following the Mass, the jubilarians and guests were treated to lunch in the Holy Trinity cafeteria, and the lunch was sponsored by the hospitality committee at the church.

The following list of jubilarians includes those who responded to the invitation sent by the Archdiocese of Louisville. All women and men religious in the archdiocese received an invitation.

25 years

Elizabeth Perez, S.L.

50 years

Edna Fabre S.C.N.
Sarah Ferriell, S.C.N.
Kathy Goetz, O.P.
Mary Jo Gramig, O.S.U.
Ruth Ann Humphrey, S.C.N.
Barbara Joseph Lammers, S.C.N.
Mary Elizabeth Miller, S.C.N.
Helen O’Sullivan, O.P.
Carol Ann Ptacek, S.L.
Margaret Rodericks, S.C.N.
Rosemary Rule, O.P.
Mary Louise Vandover, S.L.

60 years

Pauline Albin, S.L.
Mary Corinne Burt, R.S.M.
Alfreda Crantz, S.C.N.
Rose Marie Dobyns, S.C.N.
Antoinette Doyle, S.L.
Mary Ellen Doyle, S.C.N.
Mary Karen Gossman, M.M.S.
Loretta Guenther, O.S.U.
Agnes Marie Hagan, S.L.
Anita Hager, S.C.N.
Mary Zita Henkel, S.C.N.
Patricia Hennessey, O.P.
Patricia Marie Hill, S.C.N.
Ann Kernen, S.C.N.
Martha Mahoney, S.C.N.
Elizabeth Jean Mills, R.S.M.
David Clare Reasbeck, S.C.N.
Barbara Ann Rioux, O.P.
Eva Marie Salas, S.L.
Catharine Martin Smith, O.P.
Sarah Stauble, O.S.U.
Mary Elaine Zehnder, S.C.N.

70 years

Wanda Banks, S.C.N.
Caroline Maria Clarke, S.C.N.
Lois Dunphy, S.L.
Ann Jeannette Effinger, S.C.N.
Anna Jeanne Hardesty, S.C.N.
Patricia Kelley, S.C.N.
Mary Immaculata Kuehner, S.C.N.
Ruth A. Lucassen, S.L.
Marion Reardon, S.C.N.
M. Rosaila Schroering, R.S.M.
Peter Walsh, C.F.X.
Bernadine Wiseman S.L.

75 years

Josetta Barnard, O.P.
Columba Casey, O.P.
Angela Killmeier, O.S.U.
Paschala Noonan, O.P.
Helen Ann Reynolds, S.L.

80 years

Margaret Fitzgerald, S.L.
Ruth Marie McGaughran, S.C.N.
Mary Anthony Wargel, O.S.U.

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