Louisville Young Catholics will host pilgrimage on Holy Thursday

Louisville Young Catholics’ “Christ in the City” program will again host the Holy Thursday Seven Churches Pilgrimage on March 24.

The seven-churches pilgrimage is a tradition that began in Rome “where pilgrims would travel by foot to the seven basilicas in Rome to pray and sing hymns,” a news release from the organization said.

The pilgrimage will begin at 7:05 p.m. at St. Louis Bertrand Church, 1104 S. Sixth Street, following the parish’s Holy Thursday Mass. The pilgrimage will conclude at St. Martin of Tours Church, 639 S. Shelby Street. At each location, the group will gather to pray, read Scripture and sing hymns.

The group will close the evening at Saints Bar & Grill, 131 Breckenridge Lane. For a full list of parishes and a map of the pilgrimage route, visit the group’s page on Facebook, “Louisville Young Catholics.”

For more information, email Trevor Mahoney at trevor.mahoney@uwalumni.com.

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