Letter from the Archbishop — Catholic Charities collection will be held at Christmas Masses

Archbishop Shelton J. Fabre

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Greetings in the Lord! On Dec. 24 and 25, our parishes will take up the annual Catholic Charities collection to support ministries that help meet the needs of individuals and families in the 24 counties of our archdiocese. As we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us during the Christmas season — the child born at Bethlehem — let us consider how we can share this gift of unconditional love with those in need.

Catholic Charities of Louisville serves people in need, regardless of religious affiliation, especially the poor and oppressed. And while Catholics in our local church participate in a variety of individual and parish-based charitable efforts, we reach many more people as a wider church through the splendid work of Catholic Charities of Louisville as it serves on behalf of the faithful of our archdiocese.

Catholic Charities of Louisville amplifies and expands our individual and parish-based efforts with services that exceed the scope and resources of individuals or any one parish. For instance, Catholic Charities coordinates the Indigent Burial program for Metro Louisville, enabling dozens of Catholic school students and alumni to provide a dignified farewell to those who die without resources or family to do so.

In addition to its two food pantries, Catholic Charities works with families in crisis, helps meet the material needs of neighbors in poverty and provides job training to those who are underemployed due to lack of opportunity. The agency works with national partners to resettle refugees in our community, with wraparound services and classes, legal help and creative ministries, including urban gardening, all aimed at equipping these new American neighbors to thrive.

Catholic Charities of Louisville embodies the social mission of the Catholic Church in our archdiocese. Please consider giving generously, knowing that your gifts will tangibly share the love of Christ and minister to people who need the care of those around them.

Please know that you and your families are in my prayers, as I ask God’s blessing on each of you during this holy time of year. Know that I remain,

Sincerely in the Lord,




Most Reverend Shelton J. Fabre

Archbishop of Louisville

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