Holy Angels Graduation Essays 2023

The blessings of a Catholic education

Katie Kenney

Catholic education is a blessing that students should not take for granted. At Catholic schools, students are given opportunities to learn and grow in an environment that nurtures their faith and provides direction, setting them on a path oriented toward a successful, Christ-centered future.

My Catholic high school education has prepared me to proceed confidently into adulthood, bearing witness to my faith wherever I go. Classes at Holy Angels Academy prepare students for the future not only by arming them with knowledge on applicable topics but by teaching rational thought. By doing this, students have the ability to discern a path for themselves that is in line with God’s plan. By providing a firm foundation for the faith of the students, they will have the guidance needed to make important decisions in life.

An important lesson taught at Holy Angels is about the impact that each person is capable of providing in the world. Each person is capable of drawing others into communion with Christ by their example. The school motto at Holy Angels is “Ad majorem Dei gloriam,” which means “For the greater glory of God.” This reminds students, regardless of their state in life, to offer even the smallest of tasks to Our Lord.

One of the biggest fruits which I have received as a student at a Catholic high school, is the ample opportunities to receive the sacraments. Holy Mass is accessible every day for the student body. From an early age, the students are taught about the importance of daily prayer and are given the opportunity to receive the graces poured out through the sacraments of the Eucharist and reconciliation.

Receiving a solid Catholic education is one of the biggest blessings I have received in my life. Because of my Catholic education I have the desire and ability to share the knowledge I have gained about the love of God with others who have not been so fortunate.

A young man’s journey at Holy Angels

Jared M. Spalding

Throughout grade school one is taught all of the typical or basic principles of life and catechism. When high school starts, however, a whole new game emerges. One is taught not to know principles, but to understand them and put them to use, inside and outside the classroom.

For instance, a kid is taught to love God, to pray to Him and to go to Mass every Sunday. When that kid grows up, the reason as to why he was taught that becomes apparent, and the full significance is realized. This change occurs in high school as the young man or woman takes on more responsibilities for their own education and growth.

Let me share with you a story of a young man who experienced this change, in quite a drastic way. I knew this boy throughout grade school and he never really cared about his grades and took his faith for granted. He never took responsibility for his actions, constantly lied, even to the teacher, and was not a very likable person.

These shortcomings in his behavior would make one wonder why people even bothered to help him, especially when he didn’t care to help himself. He made his own life hard for himself by this course of action, but never did anything to fix it. 

Frankly, there were times when he was miserable because of this. Having said this, I cannot say I knew him all that well.

This attitude toward school and life swelled in him every year until he reached high school.

Upon entering freshmen year, he knew something had to change, that he had to change. So, looking down at the challenge, not as a possibility of failure, but as an opportunity of success, he dove head first into a knew journey. And he excelled.

He became much happier in earning better grades and respect for himself. I began to know him better and am very proud of where he is today. He took his responsibilities, then started looking for more. As I knew him better, one could tell that he began to know himself better. 

He set up his own schedule to manage school life and home life, while trying to bring prayer life to both. For once in his life, he really cared. He did not work hard to please his parents or his teachers, but to please himself in his own victory over himself.

He learned that the world isn’t fair, and that’s okay. Anything worth loving is worth the pain that it brings with it. That the right way to go in life is the path covered with thorns and crossroads. But most of all, he learned to know himself and his own calling.

I am very happy to say that I know this person as well as I can by now, because this is the story of a boy growing into manhood. A story of that man learning to accomplish tasks for himself and for God. A story of victory over his faults. A story that is his own and he wouldn’t trade for any other’s. 

As I knew this person better, I finally accepted it as my very own story. This boy grew to be who I am today, and someone I finally want to be.

As this story comes to an end, it will live on as part of a larger story; the legacy of us all. This one legacy will never die, for it lives in God, and we live in it.

Holy Angels excels at providing education and a sacramental life

Hannah State 

Holy Angels Academy is a wonderfully unique and important source of Catholic education here in Louisville. My move from a large, all-girls Catholic high school into the much smaller Holy Angel’s Academy was certainly an adjustment. However, it was filled with nothing but warm and encouraging welcomes, and proved to be a great decision when searching for a devoutly Catholic school. 

Upon entering this school, one truth became very apparent: There is something really special about the Holy Angels community. It is a tight-knit group of kind, giving, and committed families who truly care about the school and each other.

HAA is a family-oriented school that happily welcomes families of all sizes. As a high schooler, it has been so nice to get to see so many younger elementary school kids always smiling in the halls and to see how what they’re learning at Holy Angels is positively impacting them. 

It is impossible not to feel a sense of friendship and joy throughout the school. The teachers demonstrate a deep care and compassion for their students and want the best for them academically and spiritually. The classical-style education Holy Angels provides, and the traditional values it proudly embodies, are what set it apart.

Holy Angels Academy sees the value of a Catholic education and sacramental life and it excels at providing its students with both. It is a blessing to go to a school that has daily Mass and frequent eucharistic adoration, especially in the newly renovated chapel. 

Anyone can look around the community of Holy Angels and see the love of God present and active. This is what makes it such a special place, unlike any other. It is written in 1 Corinthians 16:14, “Let all that you do be done in love.” Holy Angels Academy most certainly carries that out faithfully.

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