Father Ronald Domhoff is reinstated

Father Ronald Domhoff was reinstated as pastor of St. Peter the Apostle Church on Dec. 17. He was placed on administrative leave Sept. 25 pending an investigation into an allegation that he sexually abused a child in the 1980s.

The Archdiocese of Louisville released the following statement to The Record on Dec. 18:


This week, Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz is writing to parishioners of St. Peter the Apostle Parish (5431 Johnsontown Road) to inform them that the Reverend Ronald Domhoff will return to ministry as its pastor, effective December 17, 2014. Fr. Domhoff had been placed on administrative leave as pastor by Archbishop Kurtz on September 25, after the Archdiocese received information from the police that an individual had made an accusation of sexual abuse by Fr. Domhoff dating from the 1980s.

This decision was made after several steps were taken during the period that Fr. Domhoff was on administrative leave, including a decision by the Archdiocese of Louisville Sexual Abuse Review Board that it could not substantiate the accusation. The following steps led to this conclusion:

ν The Archdiocese fully cooperated with the police investigation.

Representatives from the Crimes Against Children’s Unit of the LMPD informed the Archdiocese that they were ending their investigation and that no prosecution would take place.

ν The Review Board reviewed Fr. Domhoff’s work history, and there was no report or evidence that any abuse had ever occurred.

ν Subsequent to the report from the LMPD, Fr. Domhoff was required to undergo a psychological assessment.

ν The Archdiocese has reached out to the person making the accusation. The Archdiocese has not received a report detailing any abuse.

ν All of the information gathered was shared with a private investigator with expertise in crimes against children, and the investigator interviewed Fr. Domhoff. He found no evidence to conclude that any abuse had occurred.

Based upon the information received from the LMPD, the review of work history, the psychological assessment, and the absence of a report of any abuse to the Archdiocese, the Archdiocese of Louisville Sexual Abuse Review Board determined that it was prudent and just to recommend that Fr. Domhoff return to active ministry.

Representatives of the Archdiocese met with members of the St. Peter the Apostle parish council on Thursday evening (12/11) to inquire if they would welcome Fr. Domhoff’s return as pastor. The parish council was supportive of his return.

After hearing the recommendation of the Review Board and the support of the parish council, Archbishop Kurtz informed Fr. Domhoff that he could return to St. Peter the Apostle, effective December 17, 2014.

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