DeSales Graduation Essays 2024

DeSales: The right place to be

Joseph Nnamuchi

All my life was spent in Africa. I was born and raised in Delta Asaba, Nigeria, where I spent my freshman and sophomore years at St. Augustine High School.

Going into high school for the first time is truly a life-changing experience. I tried to do my best, I showed up to school early and completed my assignments on time. 

No one is really going to make you do it, because some of the teachers in Nigeria didn’t really care about students.

Receiving a scholarship from DeSales High School is one of the biggest achievements I’ve ever had in my life. Upon entering DeSales High School, I never expected it to be this good; everyone in the school building sees each other as family.

I remember my first day at DeSales as a junior; I couldn’t come in because I had surgery on my stomach the day before. I showed up the next day, struggling to walk well and carrying a backpack full of books. 

As I was walking through the front door, Mrs. Quirk (the principal), noticed me and asked if I was the student who had surgery the day before. I confirmed, and she advised me not to attend school that day. I told her I was fine but was not allowed to carry heavy stuff. Meanwhile, Jace Arnold overheard our conversation and decided to help me carry my bag until I could manage it myself. 

DeSales is truly about faith and brotherhood; everyone in the school building cares for each other. One aspect I appreciate about DeSales is how everyone knows each other due to the small population, which is beneficial in the classroom as you can ask questions and listen attentively to the teacher’s instructions. The teachers want every student at DeSales to be successful and great in all they do.

Despite never having played football before, joining the football team as a senior was a tremendous blessing. Everyone on the team wanted to coach me and help me improve so I could start playing as soon as possible. 

Playing in my first game on a Friday night was an amazing experience; I had more tackles on defense than anyone else on the team that night! It was a really cool start for someone who just started playing.

My entire experience at DeSales truly demonstrated how much everyone at DeSales cares about you and wants you to succeed in all your endeavors. DeSales High School is indeed the right place to be. Thank you, DeSales, for all you’ve done for me. 

Brotherhood leads students to thrive

Broderick Price

These four years at DeSales have taught me so much about myself, as well as about life in general. The guidance and help that I’ve received throughout this period of my life has been endless and extremely valuable, so I will make sure to carry it with me for the rest of my life.

DeSales has impacted my development as a person greatly through meaningful experiences, brotherhood and through my faith.

Unfortunately, I spent my entire freshman year at DeSales online. This was definitely an interesting way to begin my journey of high school, to say the least, because it didn’t allow me to grasp the actual feeling of legitimately being in a high school building, walking through the hallways or being in a high school classroom setting. 

A few weeks into my sophomore year, I finally was able to come into the building, and the difference was evident. The atmosphere of DeSales was very welcoming and made me feel like I belonged. The brotherhood that had been considered a stronghold at the school filled the building, allowing me to thrive not only mentally and emotionally but academically as well.

Being part of the football team will always be the best decision I made at this school.

Resilience, perseverance, teamwork and love for one another; we had it all. We endured a season with no wins but managed to turn everything around during the offseason and undergo what Coach Jackson referred to as “the biggest turnaround in the state.” 

We followed that season with one in which we went nearly undefeated and made a two-round playoff run. We did fall short, but overall we succeeded as a team and as a family. This makes for one of, if not my favorite, collections of memories at DeSales. I honestly wish I could do it one more time with the same group of guys. I will forever cherish those times, and I am extremely grateful for them.

DeSales has also impacted me as a person through its aid in my faith journey. The school is Catholic, so we attend Mass as well as pray and take religion classes. But my biggest testimony to DeSales’ help with the development of my faith is the senior retreat that I attended. 

Initially, I didn’t plan on going to it because I simply had no interest in it but ever since the retreat ended, I have been glad that I decided to go and I still am. 

Hearing all of the teachers’ and staff members’ heartfelt stories allowed me to see how God has worked through their lives, calling me to reflect on how God has worked throughout my life. The biggest takeaway I feel that I got from the retreat was that everyone is on a faith journey trying to get to the same place, but we all are in different spots so we must first figure out where we stand with God before we can take any steps further.

In conclusion, DeSales has shaped me into a much more mature young man who is prepared for the college world. Through unforgettable experiences, bonds that will last for many years to come and through God’s love, DeSales has developed me into the person that I want to be and I have much gratitude towards them for being able to do so.

DeSales taught me to trust in God

Ashton Renfro

When coming to DeSales, I had no idea what to expect. As a transfer student, many scenarios could be true — I could just be a bystander in the crowd and not get involved, or I could be a leader among my classmates and stand up, stand out and stand proud. 

This decision was shaped after a difficult freshman year at another high school. Being down at the lowest of lows made DeSales such a haven for me, not just in the schooling aspect but also the aspect of athletics, as it allowed me to thrive and take away the lessons that sports have taught me.

The inability to get involved at such a big school made it difficult for me, but now being thrown into a new environment that is smaller and more comfortable made it much easier to be myself. 

The brotherhood of DeSales hit me as soon as I stepped foot in the building. The tradition was immediately bestowed upon me from the moment I walked in that front door.

The way I see it, God challenged me to find who I was. He allowed me to come to DeSales so that I could truly discover who I was and who I wanted to become. When challenged, I struggled both mentally and spiritually as I struggled and asked questions and even questioned God. I struggled with trusting his plan and wondered why I had these challenges. 

I came across a verse that has stuck with me when I go through rough times, this verse is Isaiah 55:8-9, which says, “’For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.” This verse reminds us to completely trust God’s plans and his ways because they are always better than our own.

DeSales taught me how to cope and how to trust in God. Through DeSales, I have learned lessons that I will pass down to generations. I am proud to say that DeSales is a home to me and I thank DeSales for being there for me through everything. Struggle set up a new path for my life and one I will forever be grateful for. 

Without doors being closed new ones for me would’ve never been opened. Those doors allowed me to find who I am and allowed me to become the best version of myself.

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