Archbishop’s Oct. 14 blog from Rome

Archbishop Kurtz says in his  latest blog post that every follower of Christ has a task and recalls the third luminous mystery of the rosary.

“Come, worship the Lord for we are his people, a flock he shepherds, alleluia.” Today’s invitatory antiphon calls all to Christ, the Good Shepherd, the source of all evangelization.

Yesterday, there was a call to “return to the Holy Land” on pilgrimage, and I could not help but go back in my mind to the initial proclamation of Jesus as we seek a path for the new evangelization. It is clear that every one of us who follows Christ has an important task in this new proclamation, and only by returning to the source can we ever hope to fulfill this privileged task.

In this month of the Holy Rosary, I recall the third luminous mystery given to us by Blessed John Paul II: The Proclamation of the Kingdom and the Call to Conversion.

We carry this proclamation of the saving cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ from one generation to the next, always with our hearts touched and converted to Him as we seek the Reign of God that He announced and ushered forth.

Last evening I accompanied Cardinal Dolan to the Mass for priest students at Casa Santa Maria, and this morning, I joined Cardinal Dolan at his titular church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was great to see the energy of young priests preparing for the apostolate and join with an active parish in Rome to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and pray for the new evangelization.

It also is a blessing to have a respite from five-minute interventions for a day. Tomorrow, of course, I will be ready for week two!

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