Trinity teaches students to be men

Jamil Hardaway
Trinity High School

Deciding to go to Trinity High School has honestly been one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. Coming in as a freshman, I was young and immature. I didn’t really know what it meant to be a man.

I can say very confidently that Trinity has helped me to develop into a man of faith and character. As many people know, becoming men of faith and character is the mission statement of Trinity High School.

As I have progressed over time at Trinity, I would say that there are several reasons why a Trinity student develops so well over his four years.
All of the teachers at Trinity have a great chemistry with each other and the student body, all while doing a first-class job of holding their students to high standards, just as they hold themselves to.

The atmosphere that people at Trinity create, letting you know they care about you, makes you want to succeed and reach your full potential.

The groups of guys that you meet at Trinity and form bonds with is something I would never trade. The motto “Brothers for Life” is simply not just a set of words. I love every single one of my fellow classmates. I know I can always count on those guys to have my back when I need it most.

When you walk the halls at Trinity, there is a sense of connection between you and the guy across from you. Everybody there is different, but yet we are all the same in that we are all brothers.

That is something that is really special to me, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The teachers care about you, fellow students care about you, and the memories I have made are ones that I will never forget. Being a senior this year, I look back on my time at Trinity and think, “Wow, this has really flown by, and I just wish I had more time here.”