Trinity Graduation Essays 2023

Trinity defines brotherhood

Drew Hatcher

Trinity has meant the world to me and has influenced me in amazing ways. Trinity defines brotherhood to me.

Growing up, I always heard of Trinity creating brother-like bonds, but I never fully understood that meaning. After almost four years, I can confidently say that Trinity has given me many friends that I can truly call brothers.

Those brothers have helped me through many challenges that would have never been accomplished if it weren’t for them.

First coming to Trinity, I knew some kids from grade school, but I also wanted to meet new people. I did exactly that and met some of my best friends. This wouldn’t have been possible without Trinity giving me these connections.

Trinity has also developed me physically and mentally, giving me a new sort of brotherhood. I’ve gained good weight and have reached physical attributes I would’ve never expected to achieve.

Playing football taught me many lessons about life and pushed me to my absolute limitations. I never take it for granted and am glad I played all four years. Academically, I set decently high expectations, and Trinity absolutely blew them out of the water.

Trinity has fully prepared me to become a college student and to pursue my dreams of being a successful man one day. Teachers want you to succeed, push you in every way possible, and bend over backward just to see you smile.

Overall, Trinity means the absolute world to me. They’ve done so much to see me grow and develop in the best way possible. Without Trinity, I would be nowhere near the amazing man I am today.

Trinity teaches hard work and discipline

Drew Allen

My Trinity experience has taught me many things. One of the most important is brotherhood. I remember hearing about it as a shadow, but being at Trinity and really experiencing it is something special. Trinity does a great job of getting you to interact with people outside your bubble through the house system.

The games and interactions I have shared with my house have brought me closer to my classmates and made me feel more connected. The bonds and friendships I have made because of this school are truly amazing. I know that if I need help with anything, I can call on one of my Trinity brothers. 

Trinity has also taught me the standard for hard work. My grade school had prepared me well for the next chapter in my life, but being here and experiencing the work ethic and the atmosphere is different. This school does truly hold education at a high level and requires its students to push themselves to succeed. The teachers will challenge students in all areas of class, homework, quizzes and tests.

Trinity has taught me the meaning of hard work and discipline. Being at Trinity, you are expected to have all your work in on time while also being prepared for any test or quiz that may come. That means at home you have to schedule time to ensure that you can get all the work done. This education has set my standard high and will help me succeed later in life.

My Trinity experience has been full of ups and downs, but I can say for sure I have people I can count on as well as the means to accomplish problems that may come. Trinity has prepared me for what life has in store, and I am truly thankful for the opportunities it has given me.

I found myself at Trinity

Riley Mason

In the fall of 2019, I walked into Trinity for my first classes.  I didn’t know at the time how much Trinity would shape me and affect my future.

While at Trinity, I decided I was going to play soccer. Through my four years in the program, I found my best friends, faced my hardest challenges, and pushed myself to be better. I found friends during the school year, pushed myself athletically, and challenged myself with different classes.

I pushed myself academically to become the best student I could become. I struggled in classes, had fun in classes, and thrived in other classes. Classes that I never thought in a million years I would like turned out to be my favorite classes — like Coach Owens’ English class or Mr. Perkins’ business and personal law class. At the start of the semester in both classes, I was debating whether to stay in them or to switch out.

A big reason I didn’t leave those classes was because I needed those teachers in my life. Both of those teachers impacted my Trinity experience more than they could ever know. I had both of their classes during hard times outside of my Trinity life, and they both shaped me in so many different ways.

As of now, going to Trinity has easily been the best decision I have ever made. I told myself going into freshman year I would find myself at Trinity, and that was the reason I chose it.

Now three and a half years and seven semesters later, I can truly say that I did just that. I found myself at Trinity High School.

Building a Strong Foundation

Sam Travelstead

My life has been centered around Trinity over the past four years.

I have maintained and developed new friendships I will carry into college as well as beyond college. I have learned necessary life skills that will enable me to be the most successful version of myself possible.

Through participation in sporting events and extracurricular activities, I have branched outside the confines of the campus. The classes I have taken, and the classes I am currently taking, will all help me grow intellectually.

The teachers I have learned from all see the value that I have to give the rest of the world. To use a simile, high school at Trinity has been like building a wide plateau at the base of a tall mountain. As I leave the plateau and climb up the mountain, I travel onto more rocky, uncertain terrain. When I am climbing into unknown heights, I know that I always have a plateau to fall back on. I know that no matter how high I climb or how far I deviate from the course, I have the plateau beneath me to catch me.

Many high school students have gone “out the doors” and into the unknown of the future, just like I will be doing shortly. However, the difference is that Trinity’s doors stay open for any alumni to re-enter.

That is the experience that I will take away because I have spent four of my 17 years of life with the same people, and the bond that has been formed will always draw me back. The “plateau” or common ground between classmates holds strong.

With all that said, I will never forget my Trinity experience for as long as I live.

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