Theology classes provide a foundation

Dominic Miller

As this school year comes to an end, I think about all that is taught here at Immaculata. From learning about Greek mythology and the American War for Independence to taking part in chemistry experiments in the science lab, no classes have been more memorable than each of the four theology classes I’ve taken throughout high school.

Beginning with Biblical theology in ninth grade, we studied the books of the Bible, receiving a firm basis on the primary source of Catholic theology. The Pentateuch was our main focus for most of the year, going over the first 5 books of the Bible in order, discussing different aspects of each, and their importance to the overall structure of the Bible.

In dogmatic theology, the dogmas of the Catholic faith were taught to us. Dogmas are defined as the “objects of the Catholic faith” by Pope Paul VI in Mysterium ecclesiae, 1973. These are the precepts of the Catholic faith, guaranteed to be true and intended to be believed by all Catholics.

Moral theology in the eleventh grade contained the most in-depth instructions on how to live our lives in union with the Church. Catholic ethics was a big part of this class, and learning about how crucial it is to develop the conscience of children well while raising them was something I had never given much thought before taking this class. Taking moral theology in high school helped me create a better lifestyle and develop a more dedicated faith life earlier than most people.

This year, I have been taking apologetics. It is focused on the defense of the faith against attacks by people who are outside of the Church, and to help better our understanding of the Catholic faith. This class has instilled in me the determination to call out heresy and defend my faith whenever challenged, and it has also provided the knowledge I need to be able to do so well.

Theology has shaped my personality just as much as other interests and people in my life. If I had never taken these classes, the difference in my personality would be as drastic as if I spoke a different native language.

These theology courses have been a core part of my high school education, and I would not have traded them for anything. As I prepare to leave for college, I feel assured to have such a solid grounding in my faith.