Teachers recognized for years of service

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz talks with Shirley Day and Anna Meade, teachers at St. Michael, and Connie Shellhamer, a teacher at Holy Spirit, from left, at the annual teacher appreciation luncheon Nov. 8 held at The Olmsted. (Record Photo by Jessica Able)
Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz talks with Shirley Day and Anna Meade, teachers at St. Michael, and Bonnie Shellhamer, a teacher at Holy Spirit, from left, at the annual teacher appreciation luncheon Nov. 8 held at The Olmsted. (Record Photo by Jessica Able)

By Jessica Able, Record Staff Writer

The Archdiocese of Louisville’s Office of Catholic Schools recognized 213 teachers during the teacher appreciation luncheon Nov. 8.

The annual luncheon honors educators who have taught for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years in Catholic schools in the archdiocese. These teachers serve 19,452 students in 49 prekindergarten to 12th-grade Catholic schools located in seven counties of the archdiocese.

Opening the event, Leisa Schulz, superintendent of Catholic schools, called the teaching profession a “privilege” and an “adventure.”

“All of us truly exemplify as Catholic educators the theme of ‘missionary disciples.’ We go where God has called us to go — into the hearts and minds of children and young people in our Catholic schools,” she said.

Schulz also asked the teachers gathered to keep educators who have died “in our hearts and prayers.”

“Let’s certainly keep them in our hearts and prayers all those Catholic educators who have come before us and have dedicated their lives to this ministry,” she said.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz offered a few words and a blessing prior to the luncheon. Each day during his morning prayer, he said, he thanks God for his vocation and asks him to “please renew my original intent.”

“As we honor so many of you today for so many years of service … we want to say a word of thanks, not only for your service, but your ability to renew your original intent,” he said.

The archbishop asked the teachers, administrators and pastors gathered for their continued support for upcoming legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly that will propose a scholarship tax credit.

“We have to make sure that our Catholic schools, who have served so many people for so many generations, do not become simply for those that can afford it,” he said. “We need to find ways in which every family who turns to Catholic schools, that they have the capacity and support to do that.”

He noted the “great work” done by the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) and the scholarship programs at individual schools and urged those gathered to “be a student and an advocate for school choice.”

In past years, legislation has been proposed in the Kentucky General Assembly to grant scholarship tax credits to businesses that make contributions to scholarship-granting organizations, such as the CEF. The Catholic Conference of Kentucky, the public policy arm of the state’s four bishops, supports this measure.


William Bradford, Trinity High School

Mary Ann Hall, Trinity High School

Marty Murphy, Holy Spirit School


Kathy Blanton, St. Andrew Academy

Pam Boone, St. Albert the Great School

Terry Cook, St. Raphael School

Judy Erie, John Paul II Academy

Jan Fisch, St. Nicholas Academy

Jim Higgins, St. Xavier High School

Nan Murphy, Holy Trinity School

Eileen Soeder, Ascension School

Kathy Stivers, St. Gabriel School

Mary Wagner, St. Gabriel School


Karen Blevins, Sacred Heart Model School

Elizabeth Ann Bryan, St. Catherine Academy

Connie Druien, Assumption High School

Sister Mary Ninette Manning, Bethlehem High School

Rob Mullen, Trinity High School

Carol Nord, Nativity Academy

Richard Reynolds, Holy Cross High School

Nancy Schroeder, St. Francis of Assisi School

Diane Whoberry, St. Stephen Martyr School


Jennifer Fentress, Notre Dame Academy

Linda Lenahan, Sacred Heart Academy

Christy Perkins, St. Martha School

Rick Sorrels, St. Xavier High School

Fran Spaulding, Bethlehem High School

Jeanne Theiss, Holy Trinity School

Martha Troncone, St. Albert the Great School

Helen Walsh, St. Margaret Mary School

Beth Whelan, John Paul II Academy

Janet Zeller, Sacred Heart Academy


Gina Carter, St. Augustine School, Lebanon

Frank Espinosa, St. Xavier High School

Tricia Forde, Sacred Heart Model School

Susan Gilbert, John Paul II Academy

Pat Hammer, Holy Trinity School

Kelly Hovekamp, Assumption High School

Walter Mata, Trinity High School

Anna Meade, St. Michael School

Maureen Miler, John Paul II Academy

Andy Porta, St. Xavier High School

Rebecca Reisert, St. Xavier High School

Becky Romero, St. Gabriel School

Mike Rouse, Assumption High School

Paula Samuels, Presentation Academy

Cindy Simmon, St. Raphael School

Ann Smith, Ascension School

Beth Strobel, St. Nicholas Academy

Julia Weaver, St. Athanasius


Mike Budniak, Trinity High School

Todd Collard, Holy Trinity School

Jason Daniel, Trinity High School

Shirley Day, St. Michael School

Dan Dykstra, Assumption High School

Cheryl Feathers, Holy Cross High School

Daniel Hamm, Assumption High School

Jennifer Haycraft, St. Xavier High School

Mara Huston, Bethlehem High School

Debbie Judd, Assumption High School

Helene Kennedy, St. Bernard School

Kelly Kirwan, Assumption High School

Julie Knoop, Holy Spirit School

Nancy Leopold, St. Albert the Great School

Lucy Lorenz, St. Aloysius School, Pewee Valley

Gaynor McAnally, DeSales High School

Jonni Miller, Trinity High School

Jo Renee O’Bryan, St. Catherine Academy, New Haven

Gary Owens, Trinity High School

Charlotte Peake, St. Albert the Great School

Lisa Rohleder, St. Gabriel School

Luis Salomon, St. Xavier High School

Theresa Schuhmann, Assumption High School

Kathy Schum, Assumption High School

Bernie Schum, Trinity High School

Ann Sheehan, St. Raphael School

Lisa Stiff, St. Margaret Mary School

Shannon Tanner, St. Nicholas Academy

Barbara Voet, St. Margaret Mary School

Karen Wild, John Paul II Academy

Doug Young, Mercy Academy


Amy Baker, Sacred Heart Academy

Rebecca Bear, Holy Angels Academy

Pam Breunig, St. Dominic School, Springfield

Bob Brown, Assumption High School

Amy Burch, St. Margaret Mary School

Suzanne Burton, Our Lady of Lourdes School

Andrew Coverdale, Trinity High School

Mary Emrich, Trinity High School

Maria Enderle, St. Edward School

Erin Fahriger, St. Bernard School

Rachel Fenwick, St. Dominic School, Springfield

Lisa Finely, St. Raphael School

Lucy Geerer, St. Albert the Great School

Carolyn Gnau, St. Margaret Mary School

Jeanna Gonzales, Trinity High School

Jane Hensley, St. Patrick School

Sharon Hernandez, St. James School, Elizabethtown

Craig Heuser, Sacred Heart Academy

Ann Horn, Corpus Christi Classical Academy

Chris Huelsman, St. Gabriel School

Becca Joaquin, Assumption High School

Susan Johnston, Holy Spirit School

Kim Koestel, St. Albert the Great School

Beth Long, Assumption High School

Patty Nevitt, Bethlehem High School

Emily Pearson, St. Stephen Martyr School

Shelly Pence, Holy Cross High School

Bambie Phelps, St. Andrew Academy

Samuel Picota, St. Xavier High School

Ginny Pratt, St. Mary Academy

Shannon Pritchett, St. Patrick School

Jean Schubert, Assumption High School

Rob Seng, Trinity High School

Marilyn Shanks, St. Francis of Assisi School

Lucia Simpson, Trinity High School

Mary Spalding, St. Joseph School, Bardstown

Aaron Striegel, St. James School, Elizabethtown

Kristy Stuecker, St. James School, Elizabethtown

Jody Thornsberry, Holy Cross High School

Martha Tribbey, St. Gabriel School

Mary Vanegas, Holy Spirit School

Christine Wettig, St. Leonard School


Steven Ashby, St. Xavier High School

Nancy Ballard, St. Gregory School, Samuels

Kaye Belts, Presentation Academy

Jill Bowman, Presentation Academy

Kathleen Browning, Sacred Heart Model School

Bart Bruner, St. Xavier High School

Sister Kathy Cash, Trinity High School

Angela Castelli, Notre Dame Academy

Jan Church, Sacred Heart Model School

Pam Conway, Assumption High School

Julie Cook, St. Francis of Assisi School

Heather Cordero, St. Nicholas Academy

Amanda DeGrella, St. Raphael School

Diane DeWilde, Holy Cross High School

Sherry Downey, Holy Cross High School

Gil Downs, St. Xavier High School

Lori Driskell, St. Athanasius School

Trish Feltner, St. Mary Academy

Victoria Graham, St. Rita School

Inez Grider, St. Dominic School, Springfield

Shayne Hull, Trinity High School

David Iacovazzi, Sacred Heart Model School

Sarah Johnstone, Assumption High School

James Key, St. Martha School

Paula King, Assumption High School

Erin Maguire-Osting, DeSales High School

Joan Mattingly, St. Gregory School, Samuels

Edward McCabe, Pitt Academy

Oneida Mendia, St. Patrick School

William Moore, DeSales High School

Stephen Murphy, St. Xavier High School

Lisa Priest, St. Margaret Mary School

Jill Rowe, Sacred Heart Model School

Shari Schoen, Holy Spirit School

Bonnie Shellhamer, Holy Spirit School

John-Michael Sherrick, Holy Angels Academy

Ali Sparks, St. Joseph School, Bardstown

Stephanie Dierig Tebbe, St. Xavier High School

Kate Temple, Sacred Heart Academy

Bekcy Weilage, Notre Dame Academy

Michelle Williams, Pitt Academy

Chris Willman, St. Xavier High School

Laurel Wyatt, Mercy Academy


Lindsey Ackerman Ascension School

Bernadette Ventrillo Acocella, Nativity Academy

Karen Allen, St. Joseph School, Bardstown

Abby Asfahl, Assumption High School

Katie Baker, Holy Trinity School

Courtney Ballard, St. James School, Elizabethtown

Sharon Bidwell, Sacred Heart Academy

Mary Jo Bird, St. Martha School

Lisa Brents, Nativity Academy

Beth Burks, St. Gregory School, Samuels

Megan Clark, St. Edward School

Sarah Dugan, John Paul II Academy

Caroline Elliott, Sacred Heart Model School

Brenda Franz, Sacred Heart Academy

Shelly Freeders, St. Margaret Mary School

Ann Carol Grant, Sacred Heart Model School

Rachel Hall, Holy Cross High School

Jessica Hammer, Sacred Heart Model School

April Hammond, St. Augustine School, Lebanon

Renae Hardy, Assumption High School

Roy Holiday, DeSales High School

Ginnie Hoover, Sacred Heart Model School

Heather Hunt, St. Gabriel School

Kyle Jones, Sacred Heart Academy

Isaac Knable, St. Xavier High School

Connie Kuebbing, Sacred Heart Academy

Josh Kusch, Trinity High School

Heather Lozon, Mercy Academy

Lisa Maguire, St. Martha School

Deanna McElroy, St. Dominic School, Springfield

Daniel McGeeney, Sacred Heart Academy

Aida Mercado, Sacred Heart Model School

Martha Moreno, St. Edward School

Diane Dauert, Notre Dame Academy

Stephanie Potter, St. Mary Academy

Efren Quirino, St. Xavier High School

Tyler Robertson, Nativity Academy

Ryan Susan, Holy Cross High School

Jennifer Shanks, Mercy Academy

Angela Simmons, St. Rita School

Mike Snyder, Trinity High School

Nikki Stillwell, Notre Dame Academy

Bill Strauss, Holy Cross High School

Brandy Jones Sutton, Nativity Academy

Daniel Vernon, St. Agnes School

Being Wangler, Trinity High School

Chris Wessling, St. Raphael School

Jamie Williams, Pitt Academy

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