St. Xavier helped student grow

Alexander Johnson
St. Xavier High School

As my years as a student of St. Xavier High School come to an end, I’ve come to realize that my days as a member of the St. X community are not doomed to the same fate.

After four years of robotically hurrying through the halls to class, I’m glad to finally take a step back and reflect on my experience. Entering as a freshman from a small grade school, I was excited by the new level of opportunities I would receive. I hurled myself into every club I seemed remotely interested in with the hopes that a few would stick.

This was one of the most important acts of my high school career. By trying out everything, I found new passions I didn’t know I would have.

Because of these adventures into the unknown, I was able to amass an eclectic group of experiences. Over my career I was a state champion and nationally ranked rugby player, a state runner up football player, a Governor’s Scholar, and a Scholastic Art award-winning photographer. I wrote multiple apps, built a drone, and learned how to use 3D printers. I even ended up building one myself.

However, my experience was not just the things I did, but also the people I met. From day one, the faculty has been nothing but supportive of me and my goals. Whether in the classroom or in office hours, teachers were always there to answer questions.

Whether it be Mr. Able staying later than planned after school in the innovation lab or Ms. Morgan helping me grasp calculus-based physics, I always felt they genuinely wanted the best for their students.

At first, I was concerned as to whether or not I would fit in as I lived in a different area of town than the majority of my classmates. I started as somewhat shy and kept to myself, but as the years progressed I opened up more and more, trying my hardest to make connections with all of my fellow Tigers.

I recall recognizing a kid in my homeroom and realizing we went to a summer camp together for four years in grade school. We sat by each other the rest of the year and he’s become one of my best friends. I’ve grown close to a small group of about 10 guys that I don’t see myself ever forgetting.

As I venture to California for college, I’m certain my friendship with them will provide me with memories for a lifetime, and my own reminder of home.

In all, St. X has allowed me to grow into my passions, grow my understanding of myself, grow spiritually, and grow closer to my brothers.

I truly believe that it was my destiny to attend St. X, and that my life and the sophistication level of my goals would be drastically different had I attended somewhere else. Now, I’m humbled and grateful to contribute to the legacy of St. Xavier High School.