St. Xavier has prepared the class of 2019 for the future

Jacob Bibb
St. Xavier High School

St. Xavier High School was founded in 1864. That is 155 years of unequaled tradition — 155 years of transforming young boys into men of character.

Four years ago, I stumbled into the Rally’s on Preston Highway wearing my new Saint Xavier sweatshirt. There, I met one of the men touched by St. X.

Noticing what I was wearing, he called me over to his table and began talking about his glory days in our halls. He wore his class ring with pride and told me how privileged I was to be a part of such a distinguished institution. As a member of the Saint Xavier class of 2019, I can proudly say we have contributed to the achievements of St. X.

Academically, two classmates received perfect scores on the ACT. Four senior Tigers achieved National Merit Semifinalist and Finalist spots, with an additional five earning Commended status.

Out of all of the students who took AP tests, 91.4% passed and earned college credit, far superseding state and national averages. St. X is known throughout the nation for its rigorous academic program, and has even earned the distinction of being a National Blue Ribbon School four separate times, the last being in 2016. This tradition of excellence in the classroom prepares our men for the prestigious universities they attend all over the country.

However, our prowess as a school and as a class does not stop after the school day. Athletically, St. X has won over 30 state championships in our four years here, placing it among the best programs in the nation. Our swimming team has won 31 consecutive state titles, an unprecedented feat, and our baseball, volleyball, soccer, and power-lifting teams continue to be powerhouses. We pray, compete, triumph, and fail as a team as we grow into men of character.

Off the field, our students spent hours practicing in order to dazzle audiences in professional quality performances such as West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet.

Our work in ceramics, painting, photography, and sculpting not only amazes our parents, but every visitor who walks our halls. Our band is outstanding in their field and has led many proud Tigers in countless renditions of our fight song and Alma Mater.

St. X truly inspires each and every individual to be the best and brightest form of himself, displaying to the world what it means to be a Saint Xavier Tiger.
Through Campus Ministry, students are constantly called to work in and through the Kingdom of God. The class of 2019 alone has served over 30,000 service hours, going above and beyond the requirement in order to help those in need.

Tigers went on mission trips to Appalachia and Jamaica, and we’ve served the citizens of Louisville with organizations such as Dare to Care and the St. Joseph of Arimathea Society.
This legacy of giving and self-sacrifice directly reflects what all of us have learned here these past four years through the mentorship of a loving, compassionate, and faith-based faculty, staff, and administration.

The legacy does not end once we exit those doors for the last time. We enter into a community of greats — an alumni association complete with NASA engineers, Hollywood screenwriters, PGA champions, Olympic athletes, CEO’s, educators, community servants, and other great men all across the globe.

St. X has prepared over a hundred classes of men to continue this tradition of excellence wherever the future may take them, and they have certainly prepared the class of 2019.