St. Rita School celebrated ‘healthy brain day’

St. Rita School, 8709 Preston Highway, hosted “Healthy Brain Day” April 9.

To kick off the day, the entire student body gathered in the gymnasium to learn songs about the brain. The school’s principal, Neil Hulsewede, led some of the songs while playing his guitar.

Following the musical session, there were breakout groups where students visited several stations to learn about various functions of the brain. One station featured staff from the Kentucky Science Center who led “developmentally appropriate science experiments/demonstrations” for the students, a news release from the school said.

At a second station, students had the opportunity to taste test various “super foods” that are helpful for the brain. And at additional stations, students tested their brain skills through various puzzles, quizzes and trivia.

After lunch, the students took part in what the release called a “whole school mindfulness exercise” designed to produced a different, relaxing way of processing information.

In the weeks leading up to the “brain day” teachers prepared students by incorporating neuroscience into daily lessons according to the students’ ages. For example, some teachers explored topics such as what the brain does, brain structure, how addictions develop and the importance of safety helmets. Students also participated by writing and performing songs and skits.

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