Letter: Spend time in prayer during Hands Across Louisville event May 13

RecordLogo-FTo the Editor:
In two days many Catholics will be joining Hands Across Louisville to pray, sing, dance, tell stories and so much more. They will all be coming together for one purpose: to show unity in denouncing the seemingly never-ending gun violence in Louisville.

Many of us, including myself, cannot participate in the holding of hands for several legitimate reasons such as health, age, infirmity and so many more personal causes.

There will be a celebration from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at St. Martin de Porres, formerly named Holy Cross, and all are invited to come and share with others present in holding hands, story telling, spoken word and so much more. It is not necessary to spend the entire day; just make an appearance to show your support.

On Holy Thursday night, Jesus went to a garden to pray and had several Apostles with him. He went off to pray and, after his prayer with the Father, he returned and found them sound asleep. He said, “Could you not spend one hour in prayer with me?”

Now I ask each of you, who cannot be at the Hands Across Louisville, can you spend one hour in prayer this day, May 13? Pick up your Bible, your rosary or some other prayerful literature to read. One hour passes quickly. Offer this time as prayer and, even if you fall asleep, you will continue to pray.

Time with God is wonderful. You might even want to do this every day.

Deacon Jim Sturgeon

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