Sisters of Mercy to close Tyler Lane convent at the end of January

The Sisters of Mercy announced Oct. 27 that the St. Catherine retirement convent in Louisville will close at the end of January 2018.

Arrangements are being made to move the sisters now living at St. Catherine to other Mercy convents, said a press release from the Sisters of Mercy. The sisters have retirement convents in Nashville and Cincinnati.

“Closing the convent was a very difficult decision, one that the leadership of the Sisters of Mercy reached only after much prayer and consultation with the sisters in Louisville,” said Sister Jane Hotstream, president of the Sisters of Mercy South Central Community.

“This is a great loss for us, for our sisters and for the Catholic community in Kentucky. Sister Hotstream said in the release that the Sisters of Mercy will continue to have a presence in Kentucky for the foreseeable future, despite the convent’s closing.

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