Presentation’s teachers care deeply

Caroline Smith

Most people have that favorite teacher whom they loved because they made school enjoyable, truly cared, and ultimately made a positive impact on their life, one they’ll cherish forever and never forget. After attending Presentation Academy for four years, it has become extremely obvious that this school is filled with nothing but the teachers that students favor. Our teachers aren’t just there for the paycheck, but because they care about us and love what they do.

When compared to other female Catholic high schools in Louisville, Pres is considered small. Having smaller classes has provided me the opportunity to develop close relationships with my classmates and teachers. I truly believe that each teacher at Pres could tell you at least a couple of facts about their students’ interests or personal lives. Relationships between the faculty and students are not strictly revolved around the subject being taught, but are instead much more personal. At Presentation, it’s more than just help within the classroom, but in all aspects of life.

Throughout my high school career, there have been many challenges I’ve had to face, from losing loved ones, to health problems and emergency surgery. But, even through the hardest and darkest parts of my journey, these teachers were consistently by my side comforting me.

They never once let me worry or stress over schoolwork, as both mental and physical health come first. Very quickly these teachers became my everything. It reached a point where they were my motivation to get up every morning, as showing up to school meant getting to spend time with them.

School was never something I loved, but because of my relationship with my teachers, I don’t dread it nearly as much. We hold one another accountable, and it affects us when someone doesn’t show up. It has become evident to me, through my personal experience, that these teachers acknowledge the many factors playing into our lives as maturing high schoolers and understand that it can’t always be just about school.

There are a few specific teachers that I’ve had the privilege of connecting with on a deeper, personal level. These teachers provide me with a safe space where we both feel comfortable opening up, understand that personal conversations stay personal, know our thoughts are respected and our worries are heard, and where laughter, tears, and hugs are more than welcomed.

With these teachers, I feel loved, trusted, valued, and ultimately safe. I feel so safe that whenever I feel stressed and overwhelmed, I know I can turn to them for help, as they help me process emotions in a healthy manner.

In one specific situation I was really struggling with a class, so I would always go to the teacher I felt the safest with. After a few days of talking with him, he reached out to the teacher of the class I was having a really hard time with, so that he could help her to help me in the best way possible. This is validation that the teachers at Pres truly have our best interests in mind and are willing to do whatever they can to help.

I can confidently say these relationships will last even after graduation. They’ve taught me how necessary relationships with teachers are, because through that, school becomes more enjoyable. They’ve gotten me through the hardest seasons of my life and I owe it all to them. I’m forever grateful for the teachers at Presentation Academy who’ve shaped me into who I am and have loved, understood, and helped me in ways I had never been before.