Presentation never gave up on me

Tyia Tobin
Presentation Academy

Being a “Pres Girl” means way more than just being an ordinary student. Early on as a student at Presentation Academy, some troubles from outside of school threw me off of my game, and it forced me to almost give up. But during my years at Presentation Academy, leadership was engrained into everyone, including me.

Freshman and sophomore years were unstable years, but Pres never gave up on me. Everyone at Presentation always searched for the greater good in me, just like Indiana Jones.

From the day the class of 2020 walked through those stained glass doors, we knew that this was a place of happiness and love. Pres has shaped me into an outstanding young woman who has goals for life. Although I was the green apple of the red bunch and I stood out, I never felt like it.

By the time my junior year rolled around, I was still a green apple, but that was because Pres let us embrace our differences. I was able to stand out, but with more leadership qualities and more knowledge about what’s going on in the world.

This month out of school made me realize what a great place I’m leaving behind, but also that it will never truly leave me. Pres completed its job to educate me in every aspect of general learning and to build me up. I’m going to miss hearing “I love you;” seeing people dancing in the halls; seeing Dr. Hall and Sister Amina on the second floor just watching me as I flip my long braids, and more.

Memories have been made since the first day I walked into what is now my second home.

For the class of 2020, this (pandemic) is our worst memory — being trapped in the house and not able to enjoy the end of our senior year with our closest friends and family.

At Pres, we laugh in the face of this. We make the effort to show that we still love and care for one another. The seniors received Pres Cookies dropped off to our front doors, a handwritten letter by one of our teachers, and we even got a whole Youtube video dedicated to us.

Pres is a home for many girls that have very different backgrounds and had very different experiences in life, but everyone is welcomed and applauded with the motto “We are family!”

Pres is like a grandmother’s house. I say that because it’s a family; everyone inside is family, not by blood but by sisterhood. Through hard times my sisters have been there for me and vice versa.

Pres has given me the greatest gifts and that will forever hold a deep place in my heart. Pres, although the class of 2020 is leaving, just know you have helped build up some of the greatest future leaders with class, leadership, and responsibility.