Presentation is a life-changing school

Alexis Cammack
Presentation Academy

Presentation Academy has been a second home for the class of 2019 over the past four years, taking all the good, bad and indifferent experiences for what they are worth and coming out better.

Leaving behind such a majestic and life-changing school has been a terrifying reality we seniors have had to face. However, Pres has embedded in all of us the tools we need to live a successful life.

We have been molded into global leaders, helping and changing the world little by little. We have lived the reality that diversity enforces change and that cultural acceptance is key to living in solidarity with our neighbors. Being taught these life lessons at an early age has made us not only better women, but better leaders as well.

Walking through the halls, I know every single face I see. Laughing, smiling, hearing “I love you” every five seconds, and even random break-out singing of “Mamma Mia.”

This close and loving relationship we all have with each other comes from our small numbers. The saying “small but mighty” fits our Pres environment to a T.

This is one of the most valuable traits Pres has blessed us with. Our close-knit family environment has allowed us to have a more intimate one-on-one academic relationship with our teachers so we can seek the help we need without being afraid, while also bringing us together during times of mourning and celebrating. It’s even allowed us to make crazy new clubs nobody would ever imagine.

Pres isn’t an ordinary high school; it’s a home. Leaving this magical place has been one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to do, but in our hearts we know that because of Presentation Academy we are leaders ready to take on tomorrow.