Pres: Confidence, growth, independence

Emily Barz




Three things a Pres Girl learns to value as she walks the halls at Fourth and Breck. These three things shaped a young woman into a confident, knowledgeable person capable of anything.

Walking in the front doors her first day of school, the young woman was scared. Was she ready for high school? Would she struggle with the schoolwork? Would she make friends?

Although initially the young woman was frightened, she soon saw there was nothing to be worried about. Presentation Academy welcomed her with open arms and quelled her fears.

Presentation taught the young woman to be confident. Instead of worrying about assignments and classes, the young woman was guided by her teachers to enjoy the learning process and to appreciate her academic achievements. The young woman was encouraged to step out of her comfort zone so she danced at homecoming like no one was watching.

And above all, the young woman found confidence to make new friends. She found a group of people that shared her interests and laughed with her; her friends quickly became her sisters who pushed her to be her best.

As the young woman continued through the years walking the halls of Presentation, she learned that there was always room for growth. Personal improvement was encouraged and offered abundantly at Presentation. The young woman took advantage of these offerings. She pushed herself in her classes, pursuing the numerous academic opportunities her school provided. She pushed herself on her dance team, seeing great development not only in her pirouettes, but her underclassmen relationships and collaboration skills too.

She pushed herself to be a leader and ran for a variety of leadership positions, including ones for the student council, of which she would eventually be president. She excelled in many things and was proud of her personal growth. But this growth would not have been possible without the close-knit community at Presentation Academy.

As the young woman’s years at Pres began drawing to a close, she learned the value of independence. The young woman knew she could be independent because Presentation gave her the tools to be successful. Presentation Academy gave her the confidence to use her voice, to trust her head, and to listen to her heart.

Presentation Academy allowed the young woman to flourish into someone powerful, capable, and willing to make a difference for herself and others. No longer was the young woman nervous about making the grades or making friends; she yearned for those challenging opportunities.

No longer would the young woman cower when questioned or faced with adversity, because she knew those were opportunities for growth.

Presentation gave the young woman a beautiful high school experience that not only shaped her in those short four years, but would continue to shape her into the years to come.

That young woman was me. Without Presentation Academy, I would not be the confident, independent, and capable woman I am today. I am grateful for my wonderful four years at Fourth and Breck. I am looking forward to my future and seeing how my Presentation experience will continue to shape my life. Thank you, Pres.