Mercy Graduation Essay 2023

Characteristics of a woman of Mercy

Callie King

Graduation is when we say goodbye to high school, each other, and the young girls we used to be. We say hello to new challenges as we grow into young women.

This year at Mercy, we began the tradition of reciting the Mercy Creed.

A woman of Mercy is rooted in the values of Jesus. Faith is a big part of our lives. We have been taught from the very first day of school here to treat others with respect and to love others as you love yourself. It is time that we spread our roots to the rest of the world and show them what it means to be a woman of Mercy.

A woman of Mercy is well-educated and self-disciplined. We have been privileged to receive a Mercy education. We have been taught accountability, respect, and individuality. Mercy has been an amazing, loving home, and that love is something that we will actively need to carry out into the world. We must use all facets of our education and discipline to hold ourselves accountable. We must create love and space for those who have been excluded and make an impact.

A woman of Mercy is enriched by diversity. Our class has a diverse range of talents, personalities, ideas, and futures. We have grown comfortable with one another and with our differences to the point that we don’t see them as divisive. This state of familiarity is soon going to change. All of us will be thrown into a pool of new people, challenges, lives, and into diverse environments where we will not be so comfortable. We should take in the new things we will witness and learn from them, for it is diversity that allows us to enhance our development as individuals.

A woman of Mercy is compassionate and generous. Compassion is something modeled by the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters were founded by Catherine McAuley, with the intent of giving young women like us an education. It is important that we carry out Catherine’s and the Sisters’ mission of helping the people around us through empathy and generosity. Despite the challenges we will face, it is vital that we go through life with grace, kindness, and mercy. It is vital that we always come back to our roots.

A woman of Mercy is able to lead and willing to serve. A leader is not a specific type of person or set of characteristics. A leader is a role model to others through example and participation. No matter where we end up, we can inspire others to be kind, to work hard, and to live like a Mercy girl. One of the best ways to lead is through serving others. Since freshman year, we have been taught that we are all called to serve. We listened to the Sisters’ calling as we have served our community, but we are not done yet. We must continue to serve others, put others before ourselves, and give up our time, so that others may thrive.

Finally, a woman of Mercy graciously shares these values with others. Graduation is the culmination of four years where we shared values with each other and our community. We must continue to live our lives as women of Mercy while sharing these values with others. We must remain committed to our calling, embrace new challenges, be compassionate, inspire others, and serve all. Each of us will always be a woman of Mercy, and as we graduate from Mercy Academy, we must continue to share everything we have learned.

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