Mass salutes ‘healthcare heroes’

Archbishop Kurtz talks with registered nurses Linda Shaw, center, and Rosemary Hasch, right, after the Mass for medical professionals at St. Bernadette Church Oct. 17. (Photo Special to The Record)

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz called on health care professionals to renew the call to their professions at a Mass honoring those who work in the medical field Oct. 17 at St. Bernadette Church.

The Mass — traditionally known as the White Mass because of the white coats that physicians wear — asks God’s blessing upon those who work in the healthcare profession, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his homily, Archbishop Kurtz recognized the healthcare workers present as well as the ones watching the Mass livestream from home.

He said just as priests renew the promises they make at the time of their ordination at the Chrism Mass each Lent, this White Mass was an opportunity for those who work in the healthcare profession to renew their commitment to their profession of service.

The archbishop recalled his 2019 cancer diagnosis and said he witnessed firsthand the care and dedication healthcare workers exhibit to patients and their families.

“As I watched as people were waiting for chemotherapy and immunotherapy, I thought to myself, the healing community is very large isn’t, it?” he said.

Those who “serve others in season and out of season, that takes a certain heroism. Your faith will enrich not just your life, but it will enrich public life,” he said.

Following the Mass, Catholic Charities of Louisville’s Common Table culinary training program provided complimentary chili to those registered as a “thank you to healthcare workers.”

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