Jubilarians honored on World Day of Consecrated Life

Religious sisters prepare to take up the gifts during a Mass Jan. 28 at St. Stephen Martyr Church to celebrate World Day of Consecrated Life. (Record Photo by Ruby Thomas)

By Ruby Thomas, Record Staff Writer

Forty-seven men and women religious were honored at a Mass celebrating World Day of Consecrated Life Jan. 28 at St. Stephen Martyr Church, 2931 Pindell Ave.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz celebrated the Mass for the men and women marking jubilees of 25 through 85 years.

During his homily, Archbishop Kurtz said to the congregation that he was “honored” to be with the men and women at this celebration. If he’d served as a religious for 85 years he’d “take a day off,” the archbishop said, eliciting laughter from his listeners. Dominican Sister of Peace Vincent de Paul Hutton, who did not attend the Mass, celebrated her 85th jubilee.

Archbishop Kurtz told the congregation that there are people all over Kentucky and perhaps even the world whose lives were touched by the religious sitting before him.

“Your witness comes to mind. Maybe you taught them in school or visited them at home or in the hospital. Whatever the ministry, Christ touched their lives through you. That’s the ripple effect that the consecrated life has on the church and the world,” said Archbishop Kurtz. “We honor and thank you. It allows us to shout to the world how important a witness and an unselfish, faithful dedication to Christ is, maybe even more so today.”

It’s Christ, said the archbishop, who is the “foundation of consecrated life.”

During the Mass, the religious men and women renewed their profession of vows.

Ursuline Sister of Mount St. Joseph Grace Swift, who celebrated 70 years of religious life, attended the Mass with members of her congregation. During a reception held after Mass, Sister Swift said that her years as a religious sister have been “wonderfully fulfilling.”

“I’ve had a wonderful life. I taught (history) for 32 years at Loyola University in New Orleans. I taught grade school too and taught every grade for at least one day,” said Sister Swift with a laugh.

She entered religious life when she was 20-years-old. She started out as an Ursuline Sister of Paola in Kansas, but that order merged with the Ursuline Sisters of Mount St. Joseph 10 years ago.

“I love it at Mount St. Joseph now,” said Sister Swift. The 90-year-old has traded the classroom for the vineyard and now serves her congregation by tending to the grapes the sisters use to make jelly.

Forty-seven women and men religious — celebrating jubilees of 25, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 years — were recognized at the celebration.

The following list of jubilarians includes those who responded to the invitation sent by the Archdiocese of Louisville. All men and women religious in the archdiocese were invited.


85 Years

Sr. Vincent de Paul Hutton, OP


75 Years

Sr. Mary Denis Bruck, SL

Sr. Catherine de Marie Conaty, LSP

Sr. Patricius Henderson, OP

Sr. Adrian Marie Hofstetter, OP

Sr. Mary Kenneth Lewis, SL

Sr. Barbara MacDonald, SCN

Sr. Mary Agnes Richter, SL

Rev. Simon Herbers, CP


70 Years

Sr. Cabrini Bartoli, SL

Sr. Josepha Buckley, OP

Sr. Theresa Coyle, SL

Sr. Mary Naomi Elder, SCN

Sr. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli, SCN

Sr. Joan Miriam Glaser, OP

Sr. Helen Glidden, SCN

Sr. Ann Gohl, SL

Sr. Rosemary Grawer, SL

Sr. Lelia Marie Kirchner, OSU

Sr. Rosemary Kirsten, OP

Sr. John Ann Kulina, SCN

Sr. Marie Celine Osbourn, SCN

Sr. Mary Reisz, SCN

Sr. Grace Swift, OSUMSJ


60 Years

Sr. Brigid Bonner, SP

Sr. Mary Ann Budka, OP

Sr. Anna Marie Conklin, SCN

Sr. Martha Discher, SCN

Sr. Carmelita Dunn, SCN

Sr. Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN

Sr. Norma Jean Lenenberger, SCN

Sr. Marie Catherine Mcauley, LSP

Sr. June Monaghan, SCN

Friar Keith O’Neill, OFM Conv

Sr. Marilyn Pierson, OP

Sr. Judy Popp, SL

Friar Regis Schlagheck, OFM Conv

Rev. Robert Weiss, CP

Sr. Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN


50 Years

Sr. Susan Gatz, SCN

Rev. Christopher Gibson, CP

Friar Kerry Guillory, OFM Conv

Sr. Susan Kilb, SCN

Friar P.D. Massengill, OFM Conv

Sr. Amelia Stenger, OSUMSJ

Sr. Jean Anne Zappa, OSU


25 Years

Friar Paul Clark, OFM Conv

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