Immaculata teaches time management

James Heitkemper
Immaculata Classical Academy

School is regarded by many young adults as a necessary evil, or as the best time of their lives, opposite opinions but the only two. Schooling at Immaculata Classical Academy is slightly different, we still have those who enjoy school and those who dislike it, however, we know that learning has a higher purpose than simply to graduate. We know that God gave us learning as a gift and as something we should pursue, for Him as much as for ourselves.

Time management is not taught as a class in school, it is taught passively as a life lesson. School provides a schedule to keep, homework to do on your own time, and leaves enough time for other activities, if you can manage them. This is one of the most useful skills I have learned. School was attended between two jobs, sports, Boy Scouts, and spending time with my friends, among other things. It made school difficult and work even more so. It taught me more about managing my time and prioritizing my activities than any one thing ever has.

The ability to manage time is greatly sought after by employers of every job. Someone with this skill will not let you down. Someone with this skill will get the maximum amount of work done in the least amount of time. Someone with this skill sets an example to others. This is one of the greatest things school has helped teach to me.

Hard work is the other most important skill school has helped teach to me. Hard work begets time management begets hard work begets great results. I got to finish all of my assignments, get great reviews from my employers, and have a good time with my friends during my senior year. It was hard work that allowed this to happen, and its value showed itself in the rewards, and has been showing itself since.

The latter part of school has been in near isolation, but that does not mean that foregoing these skills is an option. I am still working one job, doing classes, and taking care of many other things at home. Time management and hard work are key now because there is very little forcing me to do homework or to pay attention in class, to take care of myself and my belongings. I can say with confidence, however, that I am ready for the challenge of life, and that I will continue to work hard and to use great time management for every moment of it, to set the example.