Immaculata teaches students to live out their faith

Monica Michalak
Immaculata Classical Academy

Immaculata Classical Academy has been the school that I’ve attended from the beginning. If it were not for the strong education that was given, I would not be the same person today. Immaculata has not only played a big part in the academic part, but especially the Catholic education.

The classical aspect of the school has been a true learning experience because they teach the materials that have been forgotten today. Rather than reading books which teach nothing of virtue such as the books in today’s society, we read books that teach us about virtue and how to build character.

The most educational part of Immaculata is the Catholic faith. The ultimate goal of the school is to lead each student to the love of God. As a student at Immaculata, you not only learn the Catholicism, but learn how to live out your faith. The wonderful part of learning our faith at this school is that we have the unique opportunity to pass on our faith outside of the school.

Immaculata includes children with special needs, because they believe that every child should receive the education they deserve no matter their disabilities. Going to school with children with special needs has taught me to treat everyone the way I want to be treated. Immaculata Classical Academy has taught me that true beauty is not on the outside but in the inside.

My experiences at Immaculata have done an incredible job preparing me for the future. When being out in the world — whether working at a salon or at home — what Immaculata has taught will remain with me, that is to see Christ in everyone. “ It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” ( Galatians 2:20) Immaculata Classical Academy has trained me to give myself to the service of others even in the smallest ways, so that others may not just see me but most importantly see Christ in me.