Holy Cross offers education and a relationship with Christ

Madelyn Emerson
Holy Cross

Usually when students start high school they are afraid and nervous. However, the feeling of walking through the front doors of Holy Cross on your first day is a different feeling. It gives the feeling of excitement, reassurance, the immediate indication that everything will be okay and that it is a safe place. Those are two words to describe Holy Cross, a safe place, a home.

The family atmosphere is quickly built with whoever walks the hallways. Every teacher and staff member of Holy Cross knows every student’s name and there is never a day when a student may feel unknown. The smaller size of the school creates many opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Holy Cross has a large number of extracurriculars and sports that a student can be involved in. Not to mention, because of the smaller school size, this gives every student a chance to be involved in more than one extracurricular or sport, which is very beneficial in the overall health of the students and in creating friendships.

Holy Cross stands by their motto “Real Life, Real Learning, Real People,” every day of the week. This school allows students to exceed beyond their limits in the classrooms and it teaches students time management, how to be responsible, and a good work ethic.

The academic courses provided at Holy Cross prepare every student for the college level. The AP, dual credit, and honor classes are all offered at Holy Cross and allow every student to strive and work hard in the classroom.

With the new addition of the Corporate Internship, juniors and seniors are able to prepare for their career in a “real life” experience by working with companies that allow students to get hands-on opportunities outside the classroom in areas of career interest for their futures.

Most importantly, Holy Cross encourages every student to strengthen their relationship with God and to find their Catholic identity. Not only through every student being required to take theology classes all four years, but also through the retreat programs and the service requirements, each student is able to create their own story that allows them to know who they are in Christ.

The experience a student gets while attending Holy Cross High School is impossible to replace. The relationships and connections made at Holy Cross within a student’s four years last a lifetime. Every student is able to develop in many different ways, while also continuing to find themselves and grow their faith with Christ. Every person that enters Holy Cross feels the family love, and leaves being a part of it. Holy Cross creates the everlasting family atmosphere that becomes a second home to anyone who experiences it.