Holy Cross is like a ‘second home’

Sydney Brothers
Holy Cross High School

Holy Cross High School is much more than a school building. Holy Cross stands as a second home for most students. The community within the walls of Holy Cross is a family. Students support one another on the fields and in the classroom. The faculty and staff want the best for the students and strive each day to help each individual student succeed. The connection between the teachers and students leaves students feeling like they truly matter. Holy Cross consists of a small student body, which allows each student to be known as an individual and not just a number. The small student body allows for all students to participate in multiple extracurricular activities. Students at Holy Cross are more than just a student — they are athletes, writers, leaders, artists, friends, Christians, and so much more.

Holy Cross is the only Catholic co-educational high school in Louisville. This is a positive asset not only in the classroom, but also in friendships, relationships, and daily life skills. Therefore, this helps prepare students for their next stage of life, whether it is college, the work field, and life in general.

The opportunities that are provided at Holy Cross prepare students for the real world. The Corporate Internship Program allows students the opportunity to work in various fields that they may be interested in. Students get to experience hands-on learning outside the classroom. The retreat program allows students to find themselves and strengthen their relationship with Christ. Each student’s service story allows him or her to give back to the community in meaningful and personal ways. The opportunities that each student undergoes, characterizes every student’s personal experience. The experience of attending Holy Cross High School is impossible to replace.

From the moment a student walks in the doors, they experience an immense feeling of being home. There is never an unfamiliar face inside the school and all the students know one another. Students create friendships that will last a lifetime. They create bonds, with mentors, who guide them in all aspects of life. At Holy Cross, both students and teachers feel safe and are involved within the school. Holy Cross is a family to everyone in the community. Everyone, including faculty and staff, coaches, students, and families, all strive for the same goals of happiness and success.

As a result of the various experiences and opportunities provided by Holy Cross, the students graduate feeling well prepared for their future. The students have learned to become better leaders and well-rounded individuals. The students have become better people because of those around them. The students are more than just classmates to one another. They are friends, teammates, mentors, and above all else, family.