Holy Cross High is 'family'

Ethan Phillips
Holy Cross High School

Before entering high school, many people told me that it is the fastest four years of your life and man, they were right. High school is about having fun, being involved, growing as a person, and all while learning and growing one’s education. Holy Cross High School exceeded all my expectations. Holy Cross is and will forever have a place in my life. At Holy Cross, I have had more life experiences, more real world learning, and met some of the finest people I will ever meet.

Holy Cross is a small, co-ed, Catholic high school. Because we are a small environment with a family-like atmosphere, we can be connected with our community like nobody else. Holy Cross is more of a second home than a school. People actually spend more time at Holy Cross than at their actual home.

I am one of those people. I am involved in many clubs, sports teams, and organizations at Holy Cross because the school allows students to find and discover their interests. When being a part of these extracurricular activities, students gain valuable experience about how to interact and work with people in our community environment. We create a bond that cannot be broken within our sports teams, clubs, and organizations.

As soon as you walk through the doors at Holy Cross you see and feel how much of a family we are. The amount of support given from everyone at the school and community is unmatched.

From donations to sporting events, the alumni, students, and teachers are always there to help. The teachers and staff care so much for all the students and cheer for them to succeed as a student, athlete, and as a person. The students and staff have a genuine connection with one another. The friendships that are made at Holy Cross will last a lifetime. I will never forget the connections I have made with my friends and how they have impacted me. I believe that Holy Cross has helped me make these connections and create a family.

Holy Cross has also given me a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our Internship program gives me the opportunity to work for and make connections in the real world, face to face. I was able to find a career that interest me in high school and have already made connections in my field of interest.

My supervisors have given me advice about how to navigate the real world and have set me up to succeed. The best part of the program is being able to learn outside of the classroom and have a brand-new experience. At Holy Cross, we call this real learning with real people in real life and nobody in the state can match this.

Holy Cross has truly made me into the person I am today. All the memories with my school and family will never be forgotten. Often, I feel that God has put me into this place for a reason and has given me a second family to rely on, if ever needed. I love Holy Cross with all my heart and I will never forget how special Holy Cross is. And as always, Go Cougs!