Gratitude for Holy Angels

Jessica Kramer
Holy Angels

The education received at Holy Angels Academy is deserving of the utmost gratitude. The goal of the school is seen in the teachers, who genuinely strive to develop the student into a person worthy to embrace the next chapter of his or her life — in regards to work ethic, drive for success, perspective, and knowledge.

Every student learns to use their gifts and persevere in the task given to them; performance should always be the best of your ability.

The smaller enrollment allows students to become personally involved in learning and activities and to appreciate the individual attention that is provided. Education builds upon itself. Holy Angels Academy is able to provide a proper foundation that will be fruitful. But what is learned and understood within the education is God’s glory. Everything should be for the greater glory of God — Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

The education, in whatever subject it may be, enables one to do God’s will and know how best to follow Him in the present and the future.

Therefore, the well-formed education does not end with graduation but will be put into action. The years at Holy Angels Academy enhance a student’s skills in order that they be harnessed in whatever situations life presents.

One learns everyone has a special place in the world and is prepared to make the right decisions regardless of that special calling. A young person understands the importance of his or her actions and how they can change the world in some way. Because of the strong spiritual formation and religious education, one is prepared to defend Catholic beliefs, while maintaining respect for others.

One knows how to resist temptation and be the one to influence others with God’s goodness. A person makes lasting friends who, no matter what direction life takes them, will always be praying and cheering for one another.

Lastly, one recognizes the opportunities God grants them and is thankful.

With the Catholic and classical education Holy Angels Academy offers, students receive the means necessary to be perpetual shining examples in a fast-changing secular world.