‘Everyone is special’ at Immaculata

Nonni Paige
Immaculata Classical Academy

In high school, I learned new stuff like history and writing. I like them both; they are good classes and I make good grades.

In class I take a lot of notes and I focus on reading. I take a lot of notes in apologetics class and I love this school. I have a lot of friends and they help me out sometimes. I am special and everyone is special, too.

Every single one is the best; I am the best too, but it’s not all about me. It’s about my school and the hard workers at school and in the office. Everyone is so busy all the time and they need help to make their jobs easier.

My school makes me a better person. I take choir, math and Latin. My teacher gives me special needs help in class, and he helps me in math. He gives me homework to do and I do it. When I am done with my homework, I hand it in to him and he grades it. He gives my homework back to me, he smiles and says, “Good job.”

My Latin teacher helps me with Latin and she gives me good grades in class. I learn new Latin words from my Latin book, and I learned a lot of stuff in school.

What do I like about this school? It’s a good Catholic school and we have a good Catholic church. Our school has a lot of people and I help with little kids at school. I make my friends laugh at my jokes. I am so funny. I am a good Catholic girl who does good things in life.

I am taking a gap year to work. Next year I will go to college. I will miss my school so much and I will miss my friends and family when I am out of the city. But this is part of my life and I will be OK.

I will tell you about my story in my life. I love myself, I love my family, I love my friends and I love everyone in this world.

Graduation I am totally excited for! I will live my own life. I am a good person, a good daughter and a good student in high school. I help with my family and my family members. I also help them out with making food with my family.