Editorial — The fervent love of a mother

Marnie McAllister

On Sunday, we will celebrate mothers and their collaboration in creation with God, a marvelous wonder and source of all life.

Many of us won’t be able to hug or kiss our mothers on Sunday. We will safeguard their health against the ravages of COVID-19.

We will keep our distance out of love.

How many times have our mothers told us to do something or avoid something we found difficult “because I love you.”

You’re grounded.
Go to your room.
Give me your car keys.

The examples are varied, but the experience is universal — our mothers (and fathers, too) impose hard things for our own good. Because they love us.

We can disagree about how to save the economy, but one thing leaves no space for opinion: Human life is of the utmost importance.

Because God loves us and created us in his image, human life is sacred and non-negotiable.

Each life is nurtured in the generous abundance of a mother’s womb. She sacrifices her energy for the growing person within. She provides for every need.

We owe it to each mother to safeguard the lives she has nurtured.

We stay healthy at home — and, for some, healthy at work — because she loves us.

She is a nurse, a doctor, a grocery store worker, sacrificing her safety for ours.

She is a nursing home resident and an inmate, dependent on others to ensure her safety.

She is at home with children, teaching and feeding them.

She is a retiree creating a safe place to keep herself and others safe, missing the giggles and kisses of her grandchildren.

She is the Blessed Mother, mourning the life of her son, who sacrificed himself to save all.

On May 1, the bishops of the United States and Canada reconsecrated their nations to Mary, Mother of the Church.

The Prayer of Consecration asked for her intercession, saying:

“Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, you are the fairest fruit of God’s redeeming love; you sing of the Father’s mercy and accompany us with a mother’s love.
In this time of pandemic we come to you, our sign of sure hope and comfort.”
For the sake of our mothers, and for one another, let us join the bishops in asking for Mary’s continued intercession, to pray for us with the fervent love of a mother.

And let us in turn safeguard our mothers and their children by doing everything we can to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Keep your distance.
Avoid gatherings.
Wear a mask if you must go out.
Wash your hands.
And, of course, pray for healing.

Marnie McAllister

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