DeSales provides enriching education

Ethan Weston
DeSales High School

As graduation approaches, it is natural to reflect on the completion of a four-year journey. During this time, St. Francis DeSales High School has been a place of academic learning, self-discovery and unforgettable moments.

The motto of DeSales is “Be who you are and be that well.” This means knowing and accepting yourself as well as respecting the differences of others. Together these two concepts form the foundation of a brotherhood. The brotherhood encompasses accountability, integrity and community.

DeSales emphasizes accountability by challenging students to apply lessons learned to real-world applications and by taking ownership of their learning.

The school’s advanced use of online programs prepares students for the 21st-century style of communication. This ownership leads to the development of time-management skills, which is critical to complete work in a timely fashion and minimize distractions. Time management is an essential tool of accountability and is a primary focus of a DeSales education.

The best example of how DeSales focuses on integrity can be seen in the talented faculty and staff on campus. The educators at DeSales demonstrate integrity in their support of and their personal investment in students’ lives. Integrity means to be who you are and stay true.

The faculty at DeSales show in their actions strong moral principles that students try to mimic in their own lives. Students appreciate the teacher’s energetic and lively presence that brightens up their day. This motivates any student to strive to become their very best self.

The various retreats, supported by faculty, foster honesty, compassion and self-reflection. All of these factors contribute to integrity and brotherhood.

While being a part of the DeSales community, the meaning of what makes up a healthy community becomes evident. People in a community show empathy and a sincere interest in the well-being of others. One of the community-oriented clubs offered at DeSales is the Key Club, which organizes events to help people in need, both financially and socially. One impactful and meaningful service activity was when the club participated in the “Flag for Vets” event. People placed hundreds of little American flags on veterans’ graves. These veterans gave of themselves all they had, and, as a community, we have an obligation to be thankful. Coming together for a common cause links a person with their community.

DeSales High school provides an enriching and holistic education. A DeSales man embodies all these attributes, and, throughout the journey, he learns to be intentional in purpose and responsible for his service toward others.