DeSales offers three pillars of support

Christopher J. Rice
DeSales High School

After many days of thinking about this essay, I came to a realization: Why am I worrying about this? Deep down I knew exactly what I would write about. This composition is really like a conversation with my brothers and teachers about how our time spent together at DeSales has provided not only some of the happiest memories of my life, but also how each and every one of them have impacted the man I am becoming.

Faith, Brotherhood, and Tradition — the three words that brought me to DeSales four years ago — have a different meaning today than they had four years ago. They are the pillars that support me and guide me in my Christian journey.

Faith is much more than religious conviction. Faith now has a role in the decisions I make in my everyday life. It has made me more resolute in my beliefs about myself and others around me.
At DeSales, we truly belong to one brotherhood, and we pledge ourselves to our brothers today and in the future. What started as a small circle my freshman year now includes a united community of over 6,000 alumni that I am honored to join.

As the class of 2019, we leave behind a unique legacy at DeSales. With our graduation comes the responsibility to uphold the DeSales traditions we inherited and to pass on the new ones we started. DeSales is a part of who we are and will forever be part of our lives.

As we prepare ourselves for the next chapter, I think about the many events and experiences that have led us to this moment, and most importantly, the people who have made this all possible.

Our families are first and foremost on that list, for their undying patience and their considerable sacrifice in sending us to a Catholic school. They wanted the best for us, stuck by us when we had our backs against a wall, and pushed us to our limits. We want you to know, we don’t take your love for granted, and will always remember your help in getting us to this milestone.

There have been others pushing us to our limits these four years as well, so I would be remiss in failing to mention our DeSales faculty. These talented individuals work hard to impart the necessary life skills and knowledge on us so that we can thrive beyond the walls of DeSales. With that as their primary responsibility, the faculty and staff have gone the extra mile for us in so many ways. When we believed something was too difficult for us, they were the ones who calmed us down, reminded us of our abilities, and gave us that one strong push that set us back on track. It is this model of dedication that will continue to influence us throughout our lives.

To my brothers: I know that it took great vision, and a lot of hard work and studying to get us to where we are today. And here we are, looking into the great unknown to see what life has to offer us. We are ready, and we are prepared for whatever life has planned for us. Thank you all for making me into who I am today. Each and every one of you has something unique to offer the world and those who share it with you. I am very proud of all of you and look forward to hearing about your successes.

Brothers forever.

That means something much more than it meant four years ago.